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January has been a jam packed month and I have barely been able to catch my breath. I don’t mean because of Miss Gay America business but because of my regular job. I am a dance teacher at Next Step Dance in Frisco,TX and I am assistant director for the Next Step Drill Company, which consists of  4 competitive dance teams, separated by grade level that compete at drill team competitions. For those of you around the country who are not familiar with what a drill team is (most likely those people not from the south) we are not a color guard who twirls flags and rifles, we are not a military team, and we are not a step team, we are a precision style dance team.  If you google or youtube the Kilgore College Rangerettes you can see what a drill team does because they were the originators of it all. Our competition season starts at the end of January and finishes at the beginning of March, meaning that almost every Saturday in the month of February I am with my teams at competition. We have been preparing for these competitions since August and just like with a pageant when it is almost time to compete there is still a list of things to get taken care of.

 I realized that if competition season for drill teams is upon us then in no time flat we are going to be heading into the 2014 pageant season! I was sitting here thinking about how exciting it is going to be at Miss Mid America where I am not only going to be giving up the title of Miss Mid America 2012 but also where I will be debuting at my first regional pageant as Miss Gay America 2013. I was on the phone with Terry of L&T and I told him, ”I can’t help it but I’m nervous! I know I can do the performing part, and I know I can do the administrative part, it’s doing them both at the same time that makes me kind of anxious!” 

Over the past few months I have been answering hypothetical questions that L&T have sent me. These questions have consisted of possible scenarios of incidents that could happen at a preliminary pageant, and how would I handle them as Miss Gay America. While I feel like I have prepared myself and have spent plenty of money and effort on trying to increase my wardrobe for my preliminary pageant season I can’t help but wonder If I will be good at it or just mediocre. Will I excel at my first pageant as MGA or will I get a whole slew of e-mails and texts about how horrible I did. The only thing I can do is breath, keep myself calm and continue preparing myself. I am human just like everyone else. I get scared, I second guess myself, I worry about the opinions of others, I worry about the opinion of myself. Miss Gay America is a public figure, one subject to ridicule and harsh judgement. While I am confident and comfortable in myself I still can’t help being a tiny bit worried.

Probably one of the biggest things that has helped me prepare myself to be Miss Gay America is trying to act like Miss Gay America before actually being crowned. I remember L&T saying,” Before winning Miss Gay America you have to BE Miss Gay America.”  So for the past 5 years I’ve tried to look the part, act the part, and BE the part of Miss Gay America. I know that so many people understand the concept but not as many people put that into practicum.  I know this because as I check my facebook  every day I see so many negative posts of people ranting and raving about particular people or groups of people and I think to myself, if I did that as Miss Gay America, I would definitely lose the respect of other’s out there and L&T’s  phone would be blowing up. Recently I bought a poster with a quote that I think sums it up perfectly and I believe this quote will be my mantra throughout the year.  It says, “Always wear your invisible crown.”

L&T have told me many times that it is all about an image and with the Miss Gay America pageant system I believe we all strive to make a positive impact and show a positive image. Future contestants and contenders of the America system, please know that what you do now as a person and entertainer can affect you later on down the line, not only as far as your reputation as a competitor but also as someone who wants to one day be a Miss Gay America. I realized after I was crowned and was walking back up to my room in the hotel that while I had that crown on I had an image to uphold. All the sarcastic remarks I kept making as Sally needed to be tapered down because in that crown I was held to a higher standard.  As any city, state, and regional titleholder I believe the same to be true for you. Please know that you could be making an impact on someone’s life. Even on the smallest scale you are a role model, and the world is never full enough of positive role models.

So I have had one AMAZING thing happen this month.  I was checking my facebook messages, as I always do, and received a message from MGA 1996 Kerri Nichols. She asked if I had heard a certain song that had just come out. She told me she had heard it and thought of me. I thought this was so sweet of her and then the realization hit me that a former Miss Gay America had thought of ME when hearing a song! She thought of me so much that she messaged me to let me know about it! It was very humbling to have that happen to me, little old Michael Sharp from Copperas Cove, TX. So of course I looked it up on itunes and bought it and got teary eyed listening to the words.  I messaged Kerri back and told her I loved the song and would be sure to perform it and every time I did I would think of her. 

And so with the first month of this new year coming to a close I have 2 special people to thank for helping me get to be Miss Gay America 2013. These 2 gentlemen reside in St. Louis, Missouri . They saw me for the first time while I was competing at Miss Gay America as Miss Gay Texas. I like to call them my UN-Lucky charms - Monty and John. These 2 gentleman have been huge Sally supporters and have given of themselves monetarily and emotionally plenty of times. They came and saw my give up as Miss Gay Texas. They also came and watched me compete at Miss Mid America my first time when I placed 2nd alternate. They watched me place 1st alternate at Miss Gay Heart of America and  place 2nd alternate at Miss Gay Mid-East. They also saw me place 3rd alternate TWICE at Miss Gay America.  They have NEVER SEEN ME CROWNED ANYTHING! Seems like every time they were around in the audience my placements were not that hot! So that is why they are my UN-lucky charms but a GOD SEND either way! They have helped me out with hotel rooms, travel expenses, and they have always offered way more help than I was willing to let them give! I always felt bad that their girl never turned out to be a winner! WELL FELLAS! I DID IT!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you both for believing in me so much over these years! You both played a big part in helping me finally see my dream come true of becoming Miss Gay America! Also, thank you for not being able to make it to Miss Gay America this past year, if you had been there who knows what I would have placed! (partially kidding)  Even though neither of you got to see that crown placed on my head, I hope you know that without your help, love and support it NEVER would have happened.  You guys are two people that I wanted to win this crown for! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!

With only about a month and half until the search for Miss Gay America 2014 starts I hope everyone is loving those around them and with Valentine’s day just around the corner please know I am open and willing to receive as many giant sized Teddy Bears from Wal-Mart as you are willing to send! With that said I’ve gone out and made it my time to sparkle, so go out there and make it your TIME TO SPARKLE!


Sally Sparkles
Miss Gay America 2013


From the desk of Larry & Terry

                       The Miss Gay America 2014 Pageant Season…

Wow, what an eventful month that January 2013 has turned out to be. So far during 2013, the list of accomplishments from the national perspective include that we:

1.   1.  Released another promotional photo of Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles

2.   Updated and released the Miss Gay America 2014 Pageant Season Promoters Handbook

3.   Announced the “Miss Gay America 2014 Pageant Season Advertisement Facebook Favorite” Contest

4.   Finalized and announced that the Miss Gay America 2014 Pageant will be held October 9-13, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri at the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis

5.   Announced the addition of the Miss Gay Great Lakes America pageant, to the list of Miss Gay America 2014 pageant season direct preliminary pageants

6.   Renewed Franchise Agreement with most promoters…

7.   Published the advertisement for the first scheduled preliminary (Miss Mid America-March 17, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee) to the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant season

8.   Continued our thorough orientation of Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles to ensure that she is prepared to help the promoters and contestants, to enjoy a great pageant experience

9.   Viewed, approved and will soon make available for sale, the video of the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant

10.             Began to acquire vendors and sponsors of the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant

And from there, it is really going to get busy… We are excited to begin the 2014 pageant season and anxiously await who will qualify this year, in hopes of becoming the next Miss Gay America. While this time of year seems to be a vicious circle for L & T Entertainment, we can hear the excitement in the voice of Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles, in that she is near ready to begin making her mark on the legacy that so many of us jealously guard. As Sally has already expressed, the job of Miss Gay America is already more detailed than she thought, and that is before the direct preliminary pageant season officially begins in March. Then, once the pageant season begins, she will really experience the reality that becoming Miss Gay America is more than just rights to claiming victory in capturing the title of the most prestigious pageant for female impersonators.  So to the world, while it seems that the events of the Miss Gay America pageant have been somewhat low key, there has been much work inserted behind the scenes to ensure that this upcoming pageant season is one of the best yet.

While the new pageant season is already in motion for many state pageants, it is still difficult to believe how quickly the year of Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby rushed by… (but what a great year it was) and now to think that Sally Sparkles has already been in the position as the pageant system leader for 3.5 months is difficult to phathom. But as quickly as time passes, we trust that each titleholder, whether you are called Miss Gay America or called a city/state/regional titleholder, will embrace the year of their reign and know that they only have one year for which to make their positive mark on that particular title. As we continue to say, “you have to be it, before you become it” but while working to become it, one should also think about goals and objectives to accomplish once they become it. As Sally, Kirby, Coti, Coco, Victoria, Mikaila, Luscious, Nicole, Raquel etc. will attest, once you become it, the “to-do” list grows exponentially because once you are thought of as “the best”… once must work to maintain the reputation of being the best… needless to say, there is lots of pressure in being Miss Gay America. Being successful is about planning… its about knowing where you want to go and how you are going to get there. This is true in the course of every day common life.

To the contestants, we encourage you to select your preliminary pageant for which you want to qualify for this years national competition and make that preliminary pageant your “next Miss Gay America experience”… that is, take nothing for granted and bring your very best to the preliminary pageant of your choice. Don’t assume that because a “big name” has stated that they will do a particular pageant, that you, as a contestant do not have a ‘chance to win”. In fact, we (L & T Entertainment) pride ourselves that we have maintained the integrity of this pageant system and that ALL contestants have the same “clean slate” beginning with each pageant.  What the contestants do with that clean slate is in their control. Granted, more often than not, the seasoned veteran competitors and entertainers generally score high than the “rookies” but as Miss Gay D.C. America 1st alternate Roxy Brooks and Miss Gay North Carolina America Ariel Nicole Knight Addams reminded us, it is possible to make the Top 10 (as a first time competitor in the national competition) if one applies themselves to focus on the category description requirements. Also another shining example of preparation, was Miss Gay Mid  Atlantic America 1st alternate Deva Station and Miss Gay Virginia America 1st alternate Patti Lovelace for their first time experience as a Top 10 finalist at the national competition. In fact, for the first time in many years, 4 of the Top 10 finalists at the national competition placed as 1st alternate in their preliminary pageant. Also for the first time in pageant competition history, the winner and 1st alternate to the national competition (Sally Sparkles and Blair Williams) placed as winner and first alternate in their preliminary pageant for which qualified them into the national competition.  It is about preparation, studying the requirements, then execution of a polished competition package that is attractive to the Judges. Congratulations again to Ariel, Deva, Patti and Roxy and the other Top 10 finalists on a job well done as you made your preliminary pageant promoters proud! We were proud of each of the contestants at the 2013 national competition and it was exciting to see the expressions of the “first time Top 10 finalist”. Again this year, many have said that the Miss Gay America pageant was “the pageant of the year” so for all involved, we thank each of you for what you do so make this organization something for which we can all be proud of!

Until next time…
Larry and Terry




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