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Time To Sparkle

The month of December started with the infamous Daddy Daughter retreat, with myself and L&T. I will admit that beforehand I sat down and started to get nervous and anxious and started to work myself in a tizzy! What if L&T didn’t like me, what if I didn’t like L&T, what if I got bored while I was there, what if I say something inappropriate?! It felt to me like I was going to stay with my friend’s parents and my friend wasn’t going to be there. So while I was starting to freak out I realized I had someone I could call on, my big sis, Kirby Kolby! I adore Kirby and she has been great to me. I love that I can call on someone for help that I admire and love so much. She has definitely proved to be a valuable friend and MGA sister.  I called her and she talked me off the ledge. She told me more what to expect when I got there and told me not to worry.  She knew that I would be fine and it would be a great weekend, which in fact it was!

So then I took on the daunting task of packing as Miss Gay America! I would be performing four numbers at PLAY in Nashville which is also the sight of my give-up for Miss Mid America on March 17, 2013!  Two suitcases full of Sally’s body, hair, costumes, shoes, and appropriate male attire for a weekend with L&T. I didn’t pack a suit and tie but I wanted to look appropriate. I had prepared for this weekend by reading through the promoter’s handbook and making notes of things I was unclear on. I also read through the information for people who want to become promoters and what it all entails. I felt ready administratively but was still stepping into the unknown, so I was a little apprehensive and nervous. 

As I left the airport for Nashville I realized that carrying a large bag as a carry on, even if it is Betsey Johnson and was a gift from a good friend, it is not that fun! Juggling a bag on my arm and my crown case and searching for my boarding pass was not a fun time.  I needed a rolling suitcase and so I now have one on order.  Once in Nashville Larry picked me up and we drove to his house. I got a tour of his gorgeous home. I was sure to comment about 50 times on the rotating Christmas tree in the living room. He also has a big backyard and even has a creek! I got to choose my room first because Terry and his partner Chris had not arrived into town yet. Larry and I sat on the couch and talked and talked and talked. This was very surreal experience for me. I had always pictured what it would be like to hang out with L&T outside of a pageant.  It was quite nice just sitting there as two people getting to know more and more about each other. Larry, his partner Chuck, and I headed out to an amazing restaurant called Ellendale’s where we met Terry and Chris who had just gotten into town. While there I was introduced to the owner who is a lovely lady and a wonderful chef! She actually came out the next night to PLAY and watched me perform. I can see why Chuck and Larry enjoy her company so much.  We also were privileged enough to hear Chuck’s amazing musical talents on the piano and had a great meal.

The next day we started in on the schooling, and testing, and scenario “what-ifs” and hearing stories from past MGA experiences at preliminary pageants. I felt prepared and able to tackle anything they threw at me. This was the good stuff! That lasted for most of the afternoon and then it was time for me to start getting ready for my performance at PLAY.

 I was standing there in the bathroom putting on eyeliner and realized I was standing in Larry’s bathroom getting ready for a performance over my daddy daughter weekend. It was a bit overwhelming but that wasn’t the best part. As we left and we walked into the bar I had L&T (and mostly Chris) carrying in my things! We were standing there talking before the show and I realized I had a mini entourage and that entourage was compiled of the owners of MISS GAY AMERICA! Talk about a humbling moment.  PLAY was such an enjoyable experience. I got to meet former EOY Dee Ranged, who I absolutely fell in love with, and the other girls in the show were so nice to me and I had a blast back stage. FYI the Nashville girls LOVE THEIR COTI COLLINS! The show felt amazing and Jerry Peek surprised us and came out to watch! Jerry reminds me a lot of my father. I think it’s because of the moustache. But seeing him always makes me smile, and I find it so unbelievable that he was the original owner of Miss Gay America and here I am rubbing elbows with him. The night went fabulously and I had an amazing time standing on that stage and realizing I was an L&T girl!

The next day we woke up and attacked the handbook again and talked about my performances the night before.  Larry and Terry have a great vision of what they think Miss Gay America should be and I so appreciate all that they do to make this pageant system an amazing one. They helped me see a lot of stuff about myself, and while this may sound silly to some of you, they made it okay for me to be proud to be Miss Gay America. They are two gentlemen that I have a feeling are going to make it hard for me to give up this title in October. I also feel like after the weekend, not only are they my bosses but they are people that I am happy to have as two new friends. I think the three of us united for the greater cause of the Miss Gay America pageant and it is going to make for a great year.

FYI, for those of you who do not know, Larry and Terry are regular people. I am sure many of you thought the same things as me. Larry and Terry appear so prim and proper and professional.  I wonder if they ever burp, or trip over their feet, or get paper cuts. Let me tell you, YES THEY DO! One of the great things about this weekend was finding out that Terry is quite musical and loves to sing. I also have dubbed Terry and Chris as Bert and Ernie. There was a picture in the room they were staying in and I decided that they kind of look like them, although Terry has separate eyebrows, not just one.  As for Larry, he never had a pen on him. There were about three different occasions that warranted his need of a pen. Each of those times I reached into my bag to hand him one. They are normal people outside of pageant stuff and I felt honored to be around them the whole weekend in a more relaxed manner.

I was in a private lesson with one of my favorite students, Emily. She is a Junior in high school and since I have been working with her she has pushed hard and has definitely worked to get better. I asked her what she asked Santa Claus for, and she said something electronic.  Then she asked me. “What did you ask Santa Claus for?” and I had to think about it and I said, “ I’m Miss Gay America, I don’t need anything else!”

BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!  Christmas totally snuck up on me this year with my time being taken up by my regular job and MGA stuff.  I looked at the calendar and realized Christmas was a week away. Some of my Christmas cards turned into New Year’s cards, but I did get all my Christmas shopping done. I was fortunate enough to have had my nine year old niece Darby and friend of the family Ali, come spend the weekend with me in Dallas. I got to take them all around the big city and we got to do lots of great Christmas activities and had a blast.  It was a great weekend full of amazing memories and that turned into a great Christmas!

I hope that these holidays brought all of you great memories that you can cherish for years to come. I know I definitely did and while my family can on occasion get on my nerves there’s nothing like looking around and seeing all of them smiling and in good spirits, all because we are together and it is Christmas. It hasn’t been the easiest year for my family, so to come together and be happy was heart- warming. It’s a tradition that we watch the movie White Christmas before opening presents. We usually don’t get half way through the video but for some reason this year we got all the way from START TO FINISH! A Sharp family first!

Riding in on the wind of cold weather is the New Year. A new year full of expectations, hopes, dreams, and for me smiles. 2013 is the year of my reign and it is one I hope to make AMAZING. With the help of all of you it will definitely be possible.  Hopefully it will be an amazing year not only for me but for you as well. I am excited to see what adventures and memories 2013 brings with it!

This month I would like to thank some special woman who have definitely influenced Sally’s persona, and mannerisms and have proven to be great role models, not only to me but to many people all over the state of Texas!

Real girl Miss Texas 1983 Dana Rogers Martin (she competed against Vanessa Williams at Miss America)

Real girl Miss Texas 2003 Sunni Cranfill (Also one of my back up dancers my first year at MGA)

Real girl Miss Texas 2008 Rebecca Robinson (who was Miss Texas the year I was Miss Gay Texas America)

Dana- Meeting the Miss Texas who had competed against Vanessa Williams made my jaw drop. Then imagine how I felt when we wound up meshing so well together. Now I cannot believe how much I love and adore you.  You told me once,” Michael, you are so inspiring to me and an inspiration to everyone.” I was so impressed that I did something that inspired you. It got me thinking that if I could inspire someone as amazing as you then I could definitely help inspire others. Thank you for making me feel special and for all your support and friendship.

Sunni- You were there at Miss Gay America when I was Miss Gay Texas, we sat in my hotel room while I coped with not being part of the top 10 that year. I said, “Great, now I’m one of those Miss Gay Texas’ that didn’t make the top 10.”  You said, “You can’t think of it like that.” I looked at you and realized YOU HAD BEEN IN MY SHOES BEFORE BUT ON A GREATER SCALE! You only got one chance to try to be Miss America.  Having you there for that moment made me so happy because I truly had someone by my side who knew what I was feeling.  That comfort was just what I needed. Thank you for realizing as we were walking out of the room that night that I had no wig on! You have been on this journey every year with me. You never missed a dress rehearsal, or event and your love and support means more to me than you will ever know! Thank You.

Rebecca- I love that we are friends. I love even more the fact that we were Miss Texas the same year! That makes up for anything bad that happened during my reign. The first year you came with me to Miss Gay America you had won Miss Congeniality at Miss America and you thanked me for letting you come be part of my talent. You said,” I had a lot of unresolved stuff from competing at Miss America and by coming to Miss Gay America I was able to let a lot of that go.”  That made me so happy that I could do something for you because you have done so much for me! Thank you for being you and for loving me.  Don’t forget, “REBECCA MESSED UP!”

You all have shown me the utmost support and have always rooted for me. It takes a true pageant girl to really understand that want, and desire, for someone who wants that’s crown for the right reasons. That support and love that you have constantly shown me means the world to me. It’s like having your favorite celebrity become your newest friend. Then that same celebrity wishing you only the best and supporting you in a huge endeavor.  All three of you ladies have shown me poise, grace, eloquent speaking, and most importantly, being a beautiful person while still being funny, silly and real. You are a big contributing factor to how, Sally Sparkles - Miss Gay America 2013 conducts herself today. I know all of you would have made an amazing Miss America had you been given the chance. Because you weren’t given that chance I vow to you that every time I go out as Miss Gay America I am doing so with you in my heart.  You three are three special people that I wanted to win this crown for and I know when you watch that video of me being crowned it will be just like you’re being crowned Miss America!

Hope you brought the new year in with a BIG BANG and that all your wishes come true in 2013. With that said I’ve gone out and made it my time to sparkle, so go out there and make it your TIME TO SPARKLE!


Sally Sparkles
Miss Gay America 2013


From the desk of Larry & Terry

                                     Happy 2013…

Once again, we find ourselves in disbelief that we have closed another calendar year. Along with the disbelief is the anticipation of yet another exciting year of pageantry. We are very excited about the growth that we are already seeing during the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant season.  Already, we have announced the addition of the Miss Gay California America pageant and the Miss Gay Western States America pageant. We will soon announce another regional pageant in the north east part of the county and then there is promise to announce yet another regional in the south.  Certainly as we are seeing that the economy is beginning to recover, albeit slow, we are certainly seeing growth in both direct preliminaries and city preliminaries. As we continue to grow this pageant, we must continue to ensure that the reigning Miss Gay America will be a valuable resource to the promoters, so as to create a dynamic team that will see the vision of a smooth contest, come to reality. In early December, we had the annual “Fathers-Daughter Retreat” weekend and it was nothing short of an incredible weekend. While staying at the lovely home of Larry, L  & T were able to bond with Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles. It was great getting to know Sally, plus sharing many of the war stories that have occurred over the years, so as to ensure that Sally is prepared administratively to be Miss Gay America. As we explained to Sally, the country expects her to be beautiful, impeccably dressed, talented and entertaining. The administrative side of being Miss Gay America will likely be the greatest challenge. Sally was very well prepared having obviously studied the Promoters Handbook and her Job Description and was ready to ask specific questions so that she will succeed in her job as Miss Gay America 2013. Granted, there is still more schooling needed but we can assure you that whether you are an audience member, contestant or promoter you will see why the judges selected Sally Sparkles as Miss Gay America 2013. We anticipate an exceptional year for the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant season and hope that by the end of the reign, you will call Sally, “one of the best”…   With just less than 75 days away, until the Miss Mid America 2013 pageant in Nashville, Tennessee, Sally will be very well prepared to enjoy the journey and to aide in finding the next Miss Gay America.

We have been viewing the almost finished version of the video of the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant and hope to have the videos available for purchase by the middle part of January. While reviewing the video, we get so emotional when we watch what an incredible week that Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby experienced as her final week as Miss Gay America. Every dollar tip, and then some, was well earned by Kirby and in our opinion, her final number was very moving. Then, to watch the coronation of Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles was also very emotional for us. Once more, although we look back on calendar year 2012 and remember some of the “not so good “ times, we look back on year 2012 and see that there were plenty of great moments and that the good of year 2012 certainly outweighed the bad. We are very blessed and realize that no matter the tireless hours we invest into this pageant system, it is certainly worthwhile and think of it as a “good thing to do”…

We are finalizing the location of the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant and hope to have an announcement in the very near future. Also, we will provide more information in coming weeks relative to the purchase of the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant videos.

So, in conclusion, we wish each of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. We encourage each of you to find happiness and have no regrets in life. Don’t let anyone interfere with your goals. Set your goals and keep focused on the efforts required to attain your goals. And should you fall short of your goal, during 2013, if your goal is truly in your heart, you will keep reaching until you achieve it. If you believe it, you can achieve it… and if you don’t believe that statement just ask any of the 41 female impersonators that have been fortunate enough to be called Miss Gay America.

Happy New Year to all!

Until next time…
Larry and Terry




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