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Time To Sparkle


I was sitting outside with my best friend Jen on her porch one night. We work together and were picking out costumes for our dance teams and I spotted a shooting star. Quickly I said, “A shooting star, hurry make a wish!” Then without thinking about it I wished to be Miss Gay America and realized…HOLY SMOKES I AM MISS GAY AMERICA SO NOW, I NEED A NEW WISH! Slowly but surely I am realizing that I won Miss Gay America. While regular life has started again, I have had to implement a lot more Facebook time and email returning! I’ve dedicated many evenings to finding songs to learn the words to, gowns to have made, and costume pieces to use for performances.  Winter has turned into my season of preparation! Gotten quite busy gathering all the things that I need in order to have a successful reign!

I have gotten quite a few inquiries for my new promotional headshots. I got them done a week after I got home. I was fortunate enough to have the amazing celebrity photographer Ashley Kelly take the time out to do my pictures. My friend Gizelle Bevon Ashton volunteered his time and skills and then drove with me and offered amazing assistance. He was a great help and let me borrow some fabulous hair that I think everyone will enjoy seeing on my head.  I almost burst into tears about 3 or 4 times realizing I was at my photo shoot for my OFFICIAL HEADSHOTS! 5 hours later, 3 hairstyles, and 6 dress changes we had 150 proofs to choose from. L&T and I narrowed them down to a top 12 and hopefully the first one will be published by the time this article is posted. If they aren’t please know they are on their way.  I am sure they would have been ready sooner but I was a little overzealous with the colored hair spray and so my forehead got a bit too dark.  Poor Ashley has been busy with her amazing Photoshop skills and I am just as anxious as everyone else to see them!

This month I was fortunate to have the pleasure of traveling to Monroe, Louisiana and being hosted by Club Pink in my first official booking as Miss Gay America 2013.  Club Pink had reached out to me after I won and invited me to come perform whenever I was available. I figured the weekend after Thanksgiving would be great because I would be off of work already for the holiday. So I shot them a message and they agreed to bring me in! I was super excited for this because my dear friend Miss Gay Louisiana 2012 Dextaci lives in Monroe and I knew we would have a good time. So after Thanksgiving dinner with the parents and my family in my hometown I trucked back to Dallas, packed my bags and Saturday afternoon started my drive to Monroe. It’s about four and a half hours by car and I forget that and always think it’s about three hours. As you can imagine the last hour and a half I get rather anxious. When I finally pulled up in front of Dextaci’s house I was welcomed by all a whole group of her family members and friends, including her nephew Milton who is 5 years old, her nephew Jordan who is 7, and her niece Alyssa who is 9. They were all holding my old headshots and yelled,”Sally Sparkles!”  as I walked up! I could not stop smiling because I thought this was adorable!  A great fanfare for little ole me driving up in my CR-V! Wonderful Dextaci and his great love for the America system and Miss Gay America made my welcoming a heart-warming one. 

That night Dex and his best friend Trent, who I refer to as Trently because I like the way it sounds, treated me to a huge thing of shrimp fajitas at Chili Verde. I had commented on the amount of camouflage clothing in the restaurant and they started to tell me about the TV show Duck Dynasty. I have never seen the show but after having heard about it and driving past the building and taking a picture, I am definitely going to have to check it out. After dinner we checked into the hotel and proceeded to get ready to enjoy the nightlife Monroe has to offer. My friend TJ Maple drove in from Nacogdoches (about a three hour car ride) to join us and have a grand ole time as well. I met A LOT OF PEOPLE and had a LOT OF FUN that finished with us going to Wal-Mart and purchasing late night snacks! I love Wal-Mart at night.  I am a night owl and always do my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart around 2am. We also received a show in the parking lot because I guess the trend is to dance in front of your headlights of your car with the music blaring! I’m all for people dancing at any time so I quite enjoyed the self- expression, albeit odd in the Wal-Mart parking lot late on a Saturday night, but to each their own!

The next night came and we had gotten all prettied up for our show. After having a slight reality check in the car on the way there that this was my debut’ as Miss Gay America  we were sitting backstage at Club Pink with our music turned in and the line-up posted. A quick thank you to Trently for bringing all my bags into the dressing room. He refused to let me carry anything. He’s been such a big Sally supporter and I adore him!  Dominique Delorean had graciously driven up from New Orleans and I was blessed to have such a great friend and America sister be there for this moment.  Gown zipped, corset cinched and it was time for me to get my crown on. I squatted down and Dextaci and Trently took out the bobby pins and as I placed it on my head I stopped and took a deep breath because tears were about to start streaming down my face.  I took another deep breath and almost had it on my head again and had to stop. The magnitude of this moment was hitting me and the emotions were overflowing. So with a 3rd deep breath I lined up the Symbol of Excellence of the crown with my nose and let the pinning begin! 1 minute later I stood up and there I was…Miss Gay America.  Even as I write this my eyes get misty. As I took the stage for my first number I took a shallow breath, because a deep one wouldn’t happen with my corset so tight, and I enjoyed every word of my song and enjoyed the smiling faces beaming back at me!  I stood there with tears about to spill out of my eyes and a huge smile on my face because I was so happy to be there right in that moment singing the words, “dreams do come true” and being so happy to show those people that those words are true.

We finished the night with Dex and I performing the duet When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey .  Another great moment!  Standing on that stage next to such a good friend while he was wearing his state crown knowing that he had worked for and wanted it so badly and then feeling the Miss Gay America crown on my head that I had worked for and wanted so badly, I felt so blessed to be living my dream and having someone stand there who was living his! Having Dex’s mother, Momma Deb, sitting in the front with a huge proud smile on her face for both me and her son made it all that much better! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MOMMA DEB!

The night was quite an emotional night for me and it was that much better having met so many amazingly great people who greeted me so warmly in Monroe. Dextaci, Trent, Momma Deb, David Green, Tommy and all the staff at Club Pink, I am forever in your debt for giving me such an amazing time and wonderful memory. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you.

I am now home, unpacking to pack up again because coming up is my Daddy-Daughter Retreat in Nashville, TN with L&T. I’m actually looking forward to getting the in’s and outs of being Miss Gay America. Learning all the tricks of the trade and really being prepared to carry out this year as flawlessly as I can. It’s the start of quite a few airplane rides I will be taking this year and with only a month and half having gone by since I was crowned I am ready and roaring to go!  I’m thankful that I have such a full life and that every night I lay down to sleep I do so with a full heart and a smile.

This month I want to take the time to give thanks to the Team Sparkles dancers . Not only the ones who came and performed with me this year but for all those that traveled the years before. My dancers have always been friends of mine, and if they weren’t at first, they sure as heck were when we left for the Miss Gay America pageant hoping to strut our stuff. My dancers have never gotten rehearsal pay, they were never paid for their performances, and all I ever offered and could afford was a round trip plane ticket and a bed to sleep in while at MGA!  I promised them to only use about ten minutes of their time performing on stage and it would be like a vacation for them! I know that all of you gave tirelessly to help me with this cause. From rehearsals every week (sometimes twice a week), to giving up a weekend or two, to traveling across the country in matching jackets and t-shirts, to keeping injuries and issues away from me so as to not deter my focus, all just to help share the stage with me for a goal I had put my whole heart into! You guys believed in me and helped me see this dream come true and because of that I can’t thank you enough! I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends as you all have been to me.  I couldn’t be happier then to have shared that stage on this journey with each and every one of you!

Sunni, Andrea, J.D, Robert (Shut up and Drive Talent MGA 2009)
Robert, Conner, Rebecca, and Holly (Work/Business Talent MGA 2010)
Robert, J.D., Rebecca, and Holly (Star Talent, MGA 2011)
J.D. Che, Meghan, and Ashley (This Woman’s Work MGA 2012)
J.D. , Robert, Ashley, and Latane ( WINNING MAGIC TALENT MGA 2013)

I may have only been able to afford an economy class ticket for each of you to come help me in this endeavor, but you guys are first class in every sense of the word! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, thank you for being my friends, and thank you for all you have done for me. Not in a millions years can I begin to pay you back! You all are at the top of the list of people that I wanted to win this crown for!

 And with that said I’ve gone out and made it my time to sparkle, so go out there and make it your TIME TO SPARKLE!


Sally Sparkles
Miss Gay America 2013


From the desk of Larry & Terry

These are the precious times that we will cherish forever. While we have had the privilege to get to know Sally over the last several months (as she was our Miss Mid America girl) and being somewhat acquainted with her over the past few years of her competition in the Miss Gay America Pageant system, we get to have our official “Daddy’s-Daughter” Retreat this coming weekend. We are very excited to get to know Sally better, deepen our bond with her and to lend our words of wisdom, from the perspective of a national promoter. Then, once we get through the weekend, we will begin the drilling “Question and Answer” phase of orientation so that we can ensure that Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles is prepared to reign and be a strong administrator for each of you, during the Miss Gay America 2014 Pageant season. We will share many, many hours of war stories, discuss administrative responsibilities, discuss public expectations, discuss L & T Entertainment expectations, watch previous pageant video and eat lots of good food. As a special treat for the great city of Nashville, Tennessee, Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles will perform at Club PLAY at 9:30p.m. on Saturday evening. Then, its back to business on Sunday for a full day of “pageant” talk.

Not only are we excited about the Retreat weekend but today, we also gave approval for the print of the promotional photos of Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles. We are very excited about the production of the photos and are eager for Sally and the world to see them. We always have a great sense of pride when we see the promotional photos in print and this year will certainly be no exception.

As far as the pageant circuit, we are off to a good start with the addition of Miss Gay California America and the return of Miss Gay Western States America. Plus there are many inquiries for new pageants. So all in all, this year has potential to be another incredible year of pageantry.

In closing, we hope that each of you take time to enjoy this holiday season. No matter your beliefs, there is beauty in this season and we trust that each of you will find the finale’ of year 2012 to be a great one. Calendar year 2013 is already shaping up to be great and we look forward to working with you throughout the year, as we begin the search for the next Miss Gay America.  Again, we thank all involved for keeping this pageant system at the top of the charts. Our commitment to you is to maintain the same level of integrity as always and keep this pageant status to always be known as “the best of the best”…

Until next time…
Larry and Terry




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