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Time To Sparkle


On the afternoon of Oct 14th, 2012 I sent out a mass text to my friends and family asking them to start the prayers, and from all the emotional and elated messages I got that night after I was crowned I believe those prayers worked! I am now a steadfast believer in the power of prayer. I read somewhere that prayer works best when it’s done for someone else.  I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing my first entry for the EXCELLENCE!  I hope that it doesn’t go on too long because anyone who knows me and has seen some past male interview scores knows I often have a lot to say. Before seeing the video of my crowning I could barely remember any of it except for one thing…the big boom of applause and happiness that I heard from behind me from all of the contestants that I had been competing against all week. THAT MADE THAT EXPERIENCE ALL THAT I HAD EVER HOPED FOR AND MORE! Thank you to all 47 contestants that made my last year competing at Miss Gay America the best one ever! The smiling faces, camaraderie, and relationships we built in Ohio definitely made it one for the books, or at least my book! 

I want to make a promise to all of America who is reading right now. I promise to take my time this year as Miss Gay America to do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make it an amazing year, not only for myself but for the Miss Gay America Pageant System. I promise to make every decision and choice with consideration of those involved. I promise to always hit the stage, or appearance in a way that exceeds your thoughts of what a Miss Gay America should be. I promise to all of you to be a Miss Gay America that everyone is proud of.  I know from the start there will be hard times and rough roads, but I have pushed through those before and with the support of all of you around me I have faith that I can do it again and a million times over!

I am still in shock and amazement and wake up every morning to that wonderful headpiece shining at me and can’t believe someone hasn’t knocked on the door demanding it back! I’ve been smiling on the inside and outside all day, every day.  No matter how much a person prepares themselves to be Miss Gay America, nothing can have you ready for the first week of being Miss Gay America! With all the well wishes and congratulatory messages I’ve gotten from everyone around the nation I have tried to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you. If I haven’t gotten to you yet please know you’re on my list.

I know that usually the first Excellence article after being crowned is used to thank everyone that helped you reach this point of success but I have decided to take another approach. I really feel that this victory is a victory for so many people besides just me. For every month that I write the Excellence I am going to single out one person, or group of people who have helped me over the past years to get to where I am right now. This way no one has to go reading down the list to see if their name appears. As many people say, ”it takes a village.”  I want everyone in that village to get their time to sparkle! There is always enough sparkle to go around!

My very first thank you was a no brainer for me. I have to thank the person who stood by me all week long, and many weeks before, who held my hand before evening gown, who helped feed my dancers, who transferred money over to his checking account in case I didn’t have enough money to cover my dancers’ hotel rooms, who snored loudly , who bought me a ring as a back-up for gown,  who understands me and my goals as I’ve competed in this pageant and who has given of himself selflessly to be my dresser…George Tagle!

George, this road has been so bumpy and you’ve always been a huge Sally Supporter. You’ve always sat on the other end of the phone and given me advice and tried to push me into being a better entertainer. You’ve always defended me to those who didn’t see my vision of who I was trying to be. You have been a rock, a friend, a confidante and so many things. Being crowned Miss Gay America would not have been the same without you there. I hope that you know that you are a wonderful person with a great heart and soul. Without you I don’t know if this would have been possible! I admire you so much for the person you are and how great a person that is! I love you so much and hope that you know you played a huge part in getting Miss Gay America 2013 to where she is now. You are one of those people that I wanted to win this crown for!

And with that said I’ve gone out and made it my time to sparkle, so go out there and make it your TIME TO SPARKLE!


Sally Sparkles
Miss Gay America 2013


From the desk of Larry & Terry


What A Week…

Now that the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant has concluded, we reflect on the week and think… “Wow! What A Week”… We went through most every emotion possible including but not limited to anxiety, frustration, pride, nervousness, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disappointment, hunger and humility but this year, just like at the end of the most recent 7 years of national competition, we ended the pageant thinking, “Wow, what a great thing to do.”. It is difficult to believe that the crowning of Miss Gay America 2013 was the 8th Miss Gay America that we saw crowned under the auspices of L & T Entertainment. And to have our first daughter, Miss Gay America 2005 Raquel Chevallier, in attendance for the week was just like bringing the past few years into a full circle. The pageant was a great success. We had all 48 qualified contestants to attend, each of whom were clearly unique and we can see potential in many of those whom competed. We congratulate Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles for becoming the 41st annual Miss Gay America and we wish her a very successful reign. We look forward to building a great team between L & T Entertainment, Miss Gay America 2013 Sally Sparkles and the Miss Gay America pageant system.  

As usual, L & T Entertainment works tirelessly to produce a top notch and quality pageant but it takes many who have hands in making the year such a success. While we make every effort to thank all who have helped, we want to make special mention of a few who were very instrumental in making this year such a great success…

To Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby, we thank you for your tireless efforts to have a great year and make this system better than before. Now, get some well deserved rest!

To Raquel, Nicole, Luscious, Mikaila, Victoria, Coco, Coti and Kirby…thank you for doing your best to keep the tradition of Excellence alive and well during the past 8 years. The journey has been tough at times but you did your part to make your year as Miss Gay America a great one! Thank you for setting the examples, during your reign, for your future sisters!

To the Miss Gay America 2013 Contestants… we know you have a choice in pageant systems, and we thank you for keeping this system alive and for wanting to be a part of the best of the best.

To the Top 10 Contestants (Sally, Blair, Jessica, Kofi, Deva, Chantel, Araya, Patti, Roxy and Ariel…), you made the final night show one to never forget, all the while moving so close to capturing your dream. While only one could be crowned, you all are winners in our book!

To Mama Eason, though you were quite confused at times regarding “which man became what woman”, you were a trooper through it all and we were honored to see you so entertained.

To the Promoters, we could not do this without you. Your time, energy and money could never be acknowledged enough. You are the backbone of this pageant system and we appreciate your investment in the system.

To Miss Gay America 2000 Catia Lee Love, without your dedication to your craft and your service as Pageant Director, our jobs would be so much more difficult. Thank you for being the best at what you do.

To Reba Lamkey, Miss Gay America 2005 Raquel Chevallier and Chris Jarvis, your devotion to the back office made this year the smoothest yet. Thank you for working so hard to make this year such a success.

To Chuck Guthrie, thank you for being the official babysitter of the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant :o) and for serving as Evening Gown escort for the Top 10 contestants.

To the Panel of Judges, we appreciate your sincere efforts to find the best of the best, in your selection of a group of Top 10. We think your scores tell the story that you knew what you were doing. You had the most difficult job and we thank you for working so hard to select the next Miss Gay America.

To the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant sponsors, as you know, being in business is not an inexpensive thing and your contribution to this pageant system is greatly appreciated. Las Vegas Costume Supply, Mark Martin, your fabulous creations are stunning and we appreciate your sponsorship and for being the Official Jeweler of the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant. To Made For A Queen Jewelry, your continued dedication to this system is so appreciated... you are a jewel! The, thank you for the gift certificates and for your part in the contestant number draw. To Avant Garden, your floral designs are incredible! Thank you for your continued support. To Robert York, thank you for the donation of the sash and the mini-scepter that was presented to the promoter of the newly crowned Miss Gay America… (we will cherish it forever). Also, thank you for your assistance with the flow of Male Interview. To Union Cafe', we so appreciate the food cards...the meals were delicious and was a life-safer for the L & T staff and the contestants. To Axis, thank you once again for providing such a great facility for the Revue Show. You make Columbus nightlife shine brightly!

To Brian Menegay, Aron Aranda, Believe Entertainment and BRAVO… we truly could not have made it through without you. Your state should be proud to have you… we are proud to call you partners.

To Christina Davis and Tonya McGinnis, thank you for being the official shuttle for the most recent three years. Your dedication to this pageant system is second to none. No wonder the Miss Gay America’s love you so much!

To Versage, thank you for your video services. We look forward to you finished product and thank you in advance for your input to make this years video something that we can all be proud of…

To the Sheraton Hotel… As you know, this is not the easiest group to work with but you and your quality staff were second to none in terms of customer service. Your caring attitudes made coming to Columbus worth it!

To Tiffany, Kerri, Catia, Charity, Dominique and Raquel, thank you for a great week of entertainment. You are such a great group to work with and we look forward to working with you n the future. You make us proud to call you Miss Gay America titleholders.

So in closing, if we have omitted anyone, please know that we sincerely appreciate all that you do. We could never do this alone and it takes a village to make the team shine brightly. We are honored to be a part of such an incredible family.

Now, we look forward to schooling Sally and helping to mold her into what we all expect of a Miss Gay America, and that is EXCELLENCE !

Until next time…

Larry and Terry




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