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Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do best.” ... Marva Collins

I begin this month's article with another quote that I ran across earlier in the year. The words struck me in a most profound way, because as simple as they may seem, the statement couldn't be any truer. Even though "Excellence" is what the Miss Gay America system is synonymous for and what each contestant and titleholder strives to achieve and maintain, I feel that in life we need to show excellence in our every day activities as well. I knew that when I was crowned and became the "Symbol of Excellence" for the country, I had a huge responsibility to live up to. I found myself at times stressing and agonizing over whether or not I was living up to the expectations of a Miss Gay America. However, I have came to realize that because I had always molded myself and acted like a Miss Gay America, I already had the tools necessary for excellence. It reminds me of something that L&T had said before ... "In order to become Miss Gay America, you must first act like a Miss Gay America." As I have travelled this year, I displayed excellence by performing my administrative and entertainment duties more and more at each preliminary that I attended.

The month of September continued to be quite a busy one for me, as my final four preliminaries took place. I, however began the month with a Labor Day trip to the Windy City of Chicago. While there, I attended the annual Miss Continental Pageant and got to do the national titleholder's walk and be presented as Miss Gay America. Jim Flint, the owner of the pageant, was so gracious and kind as he announced me and told the story of how we came to know each other and formed a friendship over the years. It was truly an honor to walk across the stage and receive such a warm reception from the audience. It made me realize just how revered and respected the title is, outside of our own circle. It was a great night of pageantry and the top 12 finalists did a wonderful job. At the end of the evening, the lovely Sasha Colby emerged as the victor. Apparently, it must be the year of the Kolby's (Colby's). ;-) A big congrats to Sasha on her win, and to Jim Flint for a successful pageant.

The following weekend, I boarded a plane and headed to St. Louis for the Miss Gay Illinois pageant. I was excited to be returning, as I had just been in the city two weeks prior for Miss Mid West. CJ, aka Trixie LaRue greeted me at the airport and whisked me away to my beautiful hotel suite, so that I could get some rest before a night of festivities. Later that evening, I was the special guest entertainer at Hamburger Mary's, which played host to a former's review show as well as a meet and greet event for the contestants. While there, I got to meet co-promoter Sable Sinclair, who was excited for the weekend. It was a fun show despite inclement weather and the threat of a tornado, plus getting to perform with the Krista Versace, Mariah Candy, Jodie Santana, and the reigning Miss Gay Illinois America Adria Andrews, who would be relinquishing her title the next night. The next morning, I arrived at the beautiful Casa Loma Ballroom for registration and got to meet the contestants, ready to battle it out for the crown. After a nail biting night of competition, the talented Dayonna Hilton was crowned the new Miss Gay Illinois with Diva DeParis placing as first alternate. A special thanks to the superb judges panel of Krystal Leight, Mahongany Knight, Donna Crane, Ineda Cochtael, and Jodie who were all a joy to work with and made my job much easier.

After two days at home to regroup and repack, I flew to the beautiful historic city of San Antonio for the Miss Gay Texas pageant. One of the promoters, Kristian Martinez met me at the airport with a big hug and a smile. He and his partner and co promoter, Christyan Sangineto played hosts to me for the evening at their lovely home, where the third promoter, Gizelle Bevon Ashton was on hand busy working on gift bags for the contestants and judges. I brought along the DVD of the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant for them to view since they were not able to attend last October. The next morning we headed to the host club, The Heat, which hosted the two day event. Sixteen contestants were on hand for registration and were eager to get started on competition. The lovely Jenna Skyy was there to help out and relinquish her title, after a successful year of promoting and rebuilding the pageant. I must commend Jenna and the promoters for the hard work and dedication they have put into rebuilding and making the pageant a success. Your endeavors definitely paid off and I see a bright future for the Miss Gay Texas pageant in years to come. It was also great to see and work with all the former Miss Texas' , who were there to help and support, especially Sally Sparkles and my MGA sisters, Charity Case and Tasha Kohl. After two great nights of pageantry, Kara Dion walked away as the winner, with Alexia Crawford securing the first alternate position.

The following day, I flew to Charlotte for the weekend which was to hold my final two preliminaries. Mike Rhinehart, the promoter for both Miss Gay South East and Miss Gay Mid East went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of for the weekend. On Saturday, we drove to Lake Wylie,SC and The Rainbow Inn which hosted Miss South East and was joined by the reigning, Emory Starr. Three contestants, who were hungry to secure their spots to the national pageant, fought hard and strong, but it was Jessica Deveraux of Key West who took top honors, with Andrea Carlisle securing her spot as first alternate. It was a fun night and a special thanks to all who came out and supported the pageant. In attendance, was Kerri Nichols, Miss Gay America 1996 who offered some beautiful words of advice for my final prelims. The next morning I got in the car with my good sister and friend, Jennifer St James, who whisked me to the beautiful city of Hickory, NC for my last prelim, Miss Gay Mid East. Even though only two contestants showed up, they definitely gave their all that night. Emory Starr was crowned and Bridget Nickles came in a close second. It as an emotional night for me since it was my last prelim, but even more special as I was joined by two former MGA's and fellow North Carolinians, Tiffany Bonet and Coti Collins. It meant a lot for me that I was joined by my three dear sisters that weekend. I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to several people who were on hand that weekend to help with the pageants .... Chantel Reshae, Blair Williams, Reba Lamkey, Mike Divoky, and Rodney Brown. My final prelims were a blessing and a wonderful close to a great year.

So, with only three weeks to pull everything together for my give up at the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant, I have been busy preparing and getting things ready. All the while trying to juggle shows and bookings, it has proven to be a bit overwhelming at times. One booking that I must mention was last week at a club with a rich history in the shaping of Kirby Kolby. I would like to say thanks to Limelight of Greenville, NC for one of the most memorable bookings of my year. Even though the club itself has only been in operation for a few months, it is housed in the same location as the former Paddock Club which supported me for many years in my quest to become Miss Gay America. It is owned and operated by several people who have stood by me over the years and it was great to be back on the old stage where I first got to work so many years ago. Seeing old fans and friends was quite a humbling experience, as I finally got to stand before them as the reigning Miss Gay America.

It's hard to believe that in two shorts weeks, I will be crowning the next Miss Gay America. I only hope the next lucky man to wear the crown has as much love for the system as I have. I wish him the best as he embarks on a life changing year. This year has definitely changed mine in more ways than one, and made me a stronger person because of it. I will cherish the friendships and memories that I made while travelling this great country. I thank everyone who welcomed me into their cities and states, and showered me with warm greetings and hospitality. So many have asked if I am sad to be passing along the crown. I must admit there is sadness involved, but a wealth of other emotions. I am at peace knowing that I had an amazing year and gave it all that I could. I am excited for the next gentleman and happy that he too will get to experience a great year like I did.

Thank you all for sharing the wonderful journey with me.

Humbly yours,
Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry


We anxiously await…

This is the time of year when we become very nervous… nervous for many reasons that include our hope that the national pageant will run smoothly, that the audience will be thoroughly entertained and impressed by the caliber of talent that is affiliated with this pageant system, that we can make the final week for Kirby, the very best it can be and then if all of the aforementioned is not enough to make us nervous, we then become nervous about who the judges will give to us as the new Miss Gay America.  Granted it would be a much easier and less expensive process, if we could hand pick the next Miss Gay America but as this is a rule driven competition, the categories are designed to reveal the person(s) who is most prepared to be the next Miss Gay America. It is never easy to win the title of Miss Gay America. If it were an easy task, the appreciation and respect for the crown would not be nearly as intense but as being Miss Gay America, is strictly voluntary,  contestants must understand not only the job requirements for which they volunteer, but also what it takes to become selected. We have often said that pageantry is a gamble, no matter the ultimate goal. But capturing the title of Miss Gay America is a reward that is bestowed on very few men. Many are worthy but few are chosen. Kirby Kolby is a prime example that one should never give up on their dream. Often times, things occur that prevent us from capturing our dreams during our self imposed time constraints however as Kirby has demonstrated, dreams can be captured, if they are worth waiting for. And as Kirby will attest, being Miss Gay America was certainly worth the wait. Kirby will soon take his place in history as a former Miss Gay America but has certainly left a positive mark on the title of Miss Gay America.  While we knew of Kirby Kolby, we really didn’t know him until he captured the title.  We thought that the potential of doing a good job was there but until you work with someone, one really doesn’t know for certain until they can witness first hand…

Those “up and coming” contestants who want to be Miss Gay America can learn a lot by simply reading the farewell letter of Kirby Kolby, that will be published in the Miss Gay America 2013 Souvenir Program. Not only is it heartfelt but it describes a journey, that while it may not have always been perfect, it was still a great year and a very rewarding one…

Now the stage has been set with 48 possibilities of who will be called the next Miss Gay America. At this point, all 48 contestants have the same chance to become the next Miss Gay America, however the very things that a Miss Gay America should possess (experience, preparedness, professionalism, beauty, glamour, style, grace, elegance, sophistication, talent and organization) could be the very obstacles that will hinder many from scoring as high as they would like… granted we are clearly aware that of the 48 contestants, there is not one that will not need schooling in order to have a dynamic year as a Miss Gay America but we are excited to say that there are many, within this years crop of contestants that we think can do a great job as Miss Gay America. No matter who is crowned on October 14, 2012, the new Miss Gay America will have big shoes to fill especially being crowned after the likes of Victoria DePaula, Coco Montrese, Coti Collins and now Kirby Kolby. The bar is set high and we hope that the new Miss Gay America will only shine in comparison and meet the high expectations from the country.

It is a very frightening thing for us to think that five persons will determine the kind of year the Miss Gay America system will have next year. That is why we plead with the judges each and every year to choose wisely. No matter who wins, L & T Entertainment, will do everything possible to ensure that the new Miss Gay America is schooled in order to have a great year not only for her, as she reigns, but also for the Miss Gay America pageant system. So when the contestants submit their applications, they are in essence screaming to the judges, “pick me, pick me…” so to the very fortunate and deserving person that the judges pick, we trust that you are ready for one of the greatest years that you will every have.

So with that being said, we look forward to seeing you as we coronate the 41st annual Miss Gay America on October 14, 2012.

Until next time, we anxiously await…
Larry and Terry



From the heart of Kerri Nichols...

Hello everyone. I hope this letter finds you well. First, I'd like to thank Terry and Larry for asking me to write something for this month's Excellence; I am honored.

The 2013 Miss Gay America Pageant is almost here! It is hard to believe that just 11 months ago I had the privilege to judge the pageant. I am so proud to have been on the panel that selected Miss Gay America 2012 KIRBY KOLBY. Kirby has proven to be a wonderful MGA; reigning with such grace, dignity, and professionalism. Job well done Kirby! I hope I have been a source of support and encouragement for you during your reign.

This year is shaping up to be quite a battle for the crown. I hope that all contestants are fine tuning your packages and preparing yourselves mentally and emotionally for the competition.

It is my hope that whomever wins will respect the crown, the system and those that have reigned before.

Someone's life is about to change..."may the scores be ever in your favor."

All my best,
Kerri Nichols
Miss Gay America 1996



         My Life On The E-List by Miss Gay America 2012 Coti Collins

Its hard to believe its been a year since I crowned Miss Gay America 2012, Kirby Kolby. What an amazing year it has been. I had the fortune to witness Mark step into the role that was always made for him. As I can testify, the job is not always easy. Being away from home and the lack of sleep is only part of the price you pay for being Miss Gay America, but the rewards are great. Friendships are everlasting and the impression you leave will forever be your legacy. I watched Mark grow not only as an entertainer but as a person. His passion and the love of the pageant was felt with every appearance, critique and even off the clock. It looked almost effortless but knowing Mark, he gave his all. I'm so proud to call Kirby Kolby, my sister, co-worker, but more importantly my friend. Thank you, Kirby Kolby, for keeping what so many of us love safe and sound for another year.

I also want to wish all the contestants best of luck this month as you compete for the title of Miss Gay America 2013. I'm so excited for each and every one of you. Look around, develop life long friendships and network. For one, it will be the most rewarding year of your life. I know it was for me. In closing, always remember, NEVER LET ANYONE DETERMINE YOUR SELF WORTH.

Miss Gay America 2011
Coti Collins

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