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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream." -Mark Twain

As the final months go by and my reign is coming to an end, I have asked myself was this year all that I had hoped for…? Often times we reflect on our lives and think there are plenty of things we wish we could go back and achieve, but life is not that forgiving. If you have something you want to achieve, now is the time to do it. I am proof that you will never be at ease until your goals are fulfilled. As I watched my fellow entertainers achieve their goals I realized it was time I "put my best foot forward" per se, and set sail to declare my turn to be Miss Gay America. With the prelim season coming to a close within September, many entertainers are following their hearts and pursuing their dream of being Miss Gay America.  I urge all you to go after what you want to achieve in life, and never let anything or anyone stand in your way.

As I type this month's article, it is a bit difficult for me to remember everything that occurred in August, as it almost seemed to be a blur.  Every week, I was rushing to the airport to jet off to another wonderful state and city and experience moments and people that I will forever cherish.  I am truly fortunate to be living my dream of being Miss Gay America.

August started with a bang!  I boarded a plane on Friday the 3rd and headed to the beautiful city of Phoenix for Miss Gay Arizona.  I was anxious and excited to be returning to this great state, since I had the pleasure to visit for the first time back in January and completely fell in love with the place.  This seems to be the norm for everyone I've talked with, who has visited this enchanting city.  I was greeted at the airport by one of the promoters Daniel Eckstrom and my sister Luscious, Miss Gay America 2007 who would be serving as head judge for the weekend. It was great to catch up with these two as we drove to the hotel and got settled into our beautiful suites. Luscious caught me off guard by asking me point blank, "Would you do it all over again?"  Without missing a beat, I replied, "Yes.  Most definitely."

After a wonderful dinner that evening with Daniel's partner Nick and another judge Danny Pintauro (yes, of "Who's the Boss" fame) and a surprise visit by Barbra Seville, we all had the pleasure of going to see the reigning Miss Arizona Celia Putty in his weekly show.  Celia tried his best to contain his emotions for it was quite a heartfelt weekend for him as he passed along the treasured title.  It was great to see former Miss Arizona's Phaedra and Bunny FuFu who also performed that night.

The following morning we headed to Charlie's nightclub which served as host for preliminary night, where I was welcomed by co-promoter Lee Revelle and many former Miss Gay Arizona's.  The sisterhood amongst these formers is very strong and it was great to see them all together.  Eleven bright eyed and enthusiastic contestants were on hand to battle it out for the coveted crown.  After two nights of wonderful competition, the stunning Di Va emerged as the victor, with Olivia Gardens securing the first alternate spot.  This will be the first time for both of the gentlemen to be going to Miss Gay America, and I hope it's an experience that they will fall in love with. I have to make mention of the final night venue for Miss Arizona.  The beautiful Tempe Center for the Arts was breathtaking and rivalled, if not outshone, any venue that hosts national pageants.  My hats off to this facility and it's staff for an amazing performance theater.

After a day to repack and regroup, I drove to the Queen City of Charlotte, NC for the much anticipated Miss Gay North Carolina Pageant.  Being this is my home state and the title that afforded me my first competition trip to Miss Gay America back in 1995, of course this pageant holds a special place in my heart.  It is always a spectacle to behold in the state, and this year was certainly no different. Von Entertainment, along with Tiffany Storm and Brian Hemric  pulled out all the stops for a stellar weekend at the Scorpio Nightclub.  From the time I stepped foot in the city, I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  It was truly a long time coming to be recognized as Miss Gay America at the pageant that started it all for me. An outstanding twenty contestants showcased their abilities and talents for a four day event, and at the end of it all, Ariel Knight Addams was crowned Miss Gay North Carolina 2012 with Angela Lopez as the first alternate. It was great to watch the beautiful Jessica Raynes Starr conclude a wonderful year and to get to reconnect with an abundance of my former NC sisters whom I had not seen in years.  The highlight, however, was a picture that I got to be a part of on final night that included myself and seven former Miss Gay America's.  It was quite overwhelming to be standing in the middle of such an elite group that I had longed to be apart of for so many years. 

With two days to reorganize and pack again, I was off to Baton Rouge for the Miss Gay Louisiana pageant.  The first night in town, Splash Nightclub played host to a welcome show featuring some of the contestants, but the highlight was a performance by David Greene, the promoter of the pageant.  It was a fun night for everyone to get acquainted and socialize before the competition began.  The next morning, 15 contestants showed up to compete and I could tell right off hand that they all were hungry for the crown.  Maybelline Maskara, the reigning, was on hand to relinquish her crown and mentor the new batch of contestants, while always offering encouragement and words of advice.  Several formers were also in attendance to help out with the pageant, and what a great pageant it was.  The field of contestants was narrowed down to a Top 7 for final night and each of the contestants put it all on the line. The new Miss Gay Louisiana is Dextaci, and first alternate is Arilyn Roberts.

With just enough time after critiques, to scarf down a burger, iron some clothes, and grab a shower, I was whisked away to the airport to fly to Little Rock for Miss Gay Arkansas. I literally stepped of the plane, with no sleep, and headed straight to registration where seven contestants were ready to compete.  The Arkansas Alumni Productions, headed by Shane Loftis and Dennis Harris, as well as other former Miss Arkansas America titleholders were gracious and hospitable to me while in town.  Zia D'yor was stepping down from the title, and couldn't have been any more gracious and warm.  The judges panel was top notch with experience and expertise, consisting of current national title holders Whitney Paige and Taylor Madison Monroe, along with former Miss Arkansas Kirby Kinkead (yes, another Kirby and former Miss Gay America's Patti Le Plae Safe and Cherry Lane.  It was wonderful to reconnect with Patti and such an honor to meet and chat with Cherry, someone I had only had the pleasure of seeing in pictures and on video.  At the end of the night, Veronica Duvall was crowned the winner, with Chloe Jacobs securing the first alternate spot.

The following weekend, I found myself heading to Miss Gay Tennessee held in the beautiful city of Memphis.  Don Wolfe and Howard Watts, the promoters of the pageant picked me up at the airport with only ONE of my suitcases.  Somehow, the second suitcase never even made it onto the plane from Raleigh until the next day, but luckily it arrived in time. The following morning we all gathered at Crossroads Bar for registration and orientation.  Pat McCooter, who was giving up the title, was an immense help to me.  Nine contestants battled it out for two days with Suzy Wong being crowned the new Miss Gay Tennessee and Venus Knight as first alternate.  Thanks to everyone in Tennessee who made the pageant a great success and for being so gracious to me.

The next morning, I had the pleasure of riding for 4 hours with Larry Tyger of L&T Entertainment to St Louis for the Miss Gay Mid West pageant.  Michael Klataske, Anthony Volkman, Colin Murphy, and Donna Crane, the promoters of the pageant, greeted me with smiles and open arms.  Four seasoned contestants showed up to battle it out and fight for the crown that Diva Coppafeel was relinquishing.  After the interviews, we all gathered at Hamburger Mary's for a delicious lunch and then headed back to Attitudes Nightclub for the night's events.  The legendary Kofi walked away with the crown, with Monica Moore as the first alternate.  Even though my time in St Louis was brief, it was great to be there since I missed Miss Missouri earlier this year.  I look forward to going back next week for Miss Gay Illinois. 

As I wrap up this edition, being that I was just in the great state of Louisiana a few weeks ago, who showed me much hospitality, I want to ask everyone to keep them and the surrounding areas affected by the recent hurricane, in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope it does not put a damper on the bright spirits from which I have seen during all of my visits to the south this year. 

In closing, I hope everyone is preparing a total package that you can look back at and say there is no possible way you could of done it better.

Warmest Regards,




From the desk of Larry & Terry




We are seeking an individual who is:


·         beautiful

·         graceful

·         glamorous

·         elegant

·         talented

·         thoughtful

·         caring

·         sincere

·         approachable

·         classy

·         creative

·         organized

·         entertaining

·         analytical


and possesses the following traits:


  • the ability to multi-task
  • draft monthly newsletters
  • carry forward administrative duties as required by the national office
  • solicit new preliminary pageants
  • solicit contestants
  • be a positive role model for the country
  • provide support in all areas for promoters
  • able to entertain an audience
  • able to eloquently speak on the microphone
  • able to address contestants at preliminary pageants
  • able to ensure that the regulations as required by the national office are precisely executed
  • able to render a quick decision that consider the best interest of the organization
  • a willingness to continue the tradition of excellence that has been established by 41 other national representative in the past 40 years
  • able to ensure fairness to all clients of this national organization
  • able to place the needs of other before your own
  • ability to handle crisis situations while keeping in mind the best interest of the national organization
  • well versed in the national organization membership requirements

This position requires an enormous amount of travel across the United States. This position is a temporary position in that person hired for this position will only hold this job for 365 days. The person hired for this job will begin immediately at or near 10:30 p.m. on October 14, 2012. Interviews and practical examinations will occur from October 10, 2012 thru October 14, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please qualify through one of the official direct preliminary pageants of the Miss Gay America pageant, then bring your best competition package in approximately 6 weeks. For more information relative to the Job Description of the next Miss Gay America, please refer to the web site.


Until next time!

 Larry and Terry





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