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WHEW!!!! Where does the time go??? It seems that July was over with, just as soon as it got started. It was a busy month for me with lots of travels and activities, making memories to last me a lifetime. Yet with so much going on, there was very little time for sleep. Whoever said that Miss Gay America needs sleep??? I will have time for that after October. LOL. Speaking of which ... I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that in just a little over 2 months, we will be crowning the next Miss Gay America. I hope the next lucky gentlemen is prepared for a whirlwind year.

July started, literally, with a preliminary. On Sunday, July 1, after a Saturday night of shows, I boarded a plane and headed to St. Petersburg for the Miss Gay Florida pageant. Ron Hernandez, the promoter, picked me up at the airport and we headed to the host hotel, a quaint bed and breakfast, with just enough time to catch my breath before contestant and judges' orientation. I arrived to meet 6 eager contestants who were ready to battle for the crown. The lovely Zhane' Kennedy was on hand to relinquish her title and lend a helping hand. After interview and a quick bite to eat, we headed to the beautiful Freefall Theatre which hosted the pageant. It was great to see former Miss Gay Florida America titleholders such as Crystle Chambers, Chantal Reshae, and Monica Moore, who served as emcee and kept the crowd in stitches. Victora DuPuis emerged as the winner, with Essence T. Van Cartier claiming the first alternate position. We then headed over to the local club, Georgie's Alibi for a victory show, followed by food of course, and great company. A fun time was had by all. I even got to play chauffeur at the end of the night. AHEM .... isn't that right Ron? LOL.

After a few days at home to regroup and repack, along with celebrating the 4th with some close friends, I headed to Harrisburg, Pa for Miss Gay Pennsylvania. After a hilarious van ride with my MGA sisters, Catia Lee Love and Nicole DuBois, we met up with fellow MGA sister, Coti Collins and headed to registration. I was greeted by promoters, Tim and Jeff who also own Club Liquid 891 which played host to the pageant. There were 8 great contestants who welcomed me with smiles and kind words, and I knew that I was in for a great weekend. Domiana Dupre was stepping down and was absolutely beautiful all weekend. It was also wonderful to meet and work with several former Miss Gay Pennsylvania America titlehodlers, who were on hand to help. I can tell that Pennsylvania has a strong sisterhood among their past winners, as they helped each other and the contestants. At the end of the weekend, Cloti Rodriguez was crowned and Georgia Versace Couture placed as first alternate. Before I knew it, I was back in the van with Jill and Sabrina (MGA code names) and headed to the airport to return home.

The following weekend found me returning to the city in which I was crowned Miss Gay America. Columbus played host to the annual Miss Gay Ohio America pageant. The reigning, Deva Station picked me up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and carted me around all weekend. As grateful as I am to him for doing that, I must say he has the most unfriendly drag vehicle known to man. Oh the joys of getting luggage in and out of his jeep. LOL. The first night in town, I was guest of promoter Aron Aranda for the Miss Gay Ohio dinner. A slew of formers and special VIP's got together for some great food, stories, and fun. The Miss Ohio's are a strong sisterhood, with strong personalities, but they all love and support each other as family. After two nights of prelims at Club Axis, we all gathered for final night as the Top 6 was announced. After some close competition, Selena Terrace-West was crowned the new Miss Gay Ohio, with first alternate going to Honey Below. As special as the weekend was and getting to see many Columbus friends, I must say the highlight for me was finally meeting John Greenwell, better known to most as Rachel Wells, Miss Gay America 1979. Just having the opportunity to sit and talk to such an icon was truly amazing, as I was a bit star-struck. Listening to his stories of the glory days of drag, made me feel lucky to be able to do what I love to do and travel around this country. Thank you John for being a pioneer in this great art form and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

I got to spend a few days at home and celebrate my 42nd birthday with a day of pampering and a quiet dinner with some close friends. Sometimes, you just need some time to yourself to catch your breath. Without fail, I was on a plane the very next weekend heading to our nation's capital, Washington DC for the Miss Gay Atlantic States pageant. Promoters Matt Minnier and Allan Dudley showered me with hospitality and attentiveness to make sure I didn't want for anything. After picking me up from the airport, and treating me to a delicious lunch, they got me settled into the infamous Mansion on O Street. If you're ever in DC, you must check out this hotel. The words eccentric and quirky are an understatement, as this hotel is quite the fascination and wonder with it's decor, memorabilia, and hidden doors and passages. At times, I thought I was going to get lost just trying to find my room. LOL. The next day we headed to Club Zigfield's, where 4 eager contestants were ready to compete. The stage was decked out in a "Garden of Jade" to honor the reigning Jessica Jade. After a close pageant, Araya Sparxx was crowned the winner, with Eclipse B. Childs as her first alternate. It was great to get to spend time with my good friend and promoter Robert York as well as Nicole Dubois, who served as emcee. After a near death, Dukes of Hazard ride thru DC after the pageant, with Nicole in the back and Jessica at the wheel, I managed to not lose any fries and get a few hours of sleep, before I was whisked away to the airport.

My last prelim of the month found me in Wichita for the Miss Gay Kansas pageant on July 28. This state pageant had not been held in a few years, so it was great to see it brought back to the system. A big thank you to promoter, Bruce Wightman aka Vanna Vincent for taking on the task of producing the pageant, in honor of his long time friend Fritz Capone, who was 1rst Alternate to Naomi Sims, Miss Gay America 1985. It was my first time in Kansas and everyone was so friendly and nice that they made me feel right at home. 5 contestants gave it their all, but in the end, Kyla Breeze walked away with the crown, and Godiva Romance wound up as first alternate. Charity Case, Miss Gay America 2001 was on hand to serve as head judge and offer me some sisterly advice and words of wisdom. It was great to spend some time with him, as well as a lot of other friends that I had made in years past at Miss Gay America pageants.

So, as you can see, July was quite the hectic month for me, and August is going to be even busier it seems. Even though I just talked about not getting alot of sleep, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything in the world. I often dreamed of what it would be like to be Miss Gay America, and now I'm getting to know first hand. Travelling and meeting so many wonderful people make it all worth the while. Even though I can't mention all of you in my article, please know that I cherish the time we spend together and for everything that each of you do for me during my travels. Much love and thanks to you all.


Until next time,




From the desk of Larry & Terry


And Then There Were Eleven…

 There are only eleven preliminaries to occur and then the contestant base is set for another incredible week of pageantry.  There are those who have already qualified who are getting things in order for a great competition. There are those who need to qualify, still awaiting their ticket to the national competition. No matter who has qualified thus far, or those who think they are going to qualify, the competition has been amazing thus far and it is exciting to stand by and await those who will soon qualify.  Each and every year, we begin to get nervous of the unknown, and that is who will be the next Miss Gay America? Will they be able to pick up where there predecessor has left off? Will they do the best they can do, to keep the legacy in tact? Will they be a great administrator? Will they be a great entertainer? Will they be approachable? Will they be a great team mate? Will they take the tradition seriously and do all they can to not only preserve the tradition but also positively add to it?  Will they have the drive to grow this pageant system? The answers to all of the aforementioned will be answered in just over 70 days as Miss Gay America 2013 will be crowned.  

If one will notice, never once in the above questions did we mention, will they be beautiful or will they have an exceptional wardrobe… Why? Because a Miss Gay America is expected to look her best at all times and to have an impeccable wardrobe. And while having a great look and great costuming is extremely important, there are so many other facets of being a true Symbol of Excellence that will make a memorable and very positive mark on the history set before. We trust that the person crowned has completed their homework enough to be prepared for the job, the very day they are crowned… this so that they can enjoy their reign and not face so many obstacles during the reign. After winning the crown is no time to contemplate what is needed to have a successful reign… the key to being successful is having a plan before the goal is achieved, perhaps some tweaking after your get there is in order, but a well defined plan is critical to having a great reign. After all, our goal is simple in that we want to see Miss Gay America have a great reign. Granted, there is much hard work involved but we hope that we have created enough structure  whereby the Miss Gay America can do the very minimum required yet insert their own style of reign so that they can be remembered in a very positive manner. Obviously going above and beyond the call of duty speaks volume for the desire for success but knowing the minimum standard, then contemplating on how to exceed the minimum requirements is key. So, whether or not a contestant has already qualified or is still in the preparation stage, we trust that they are preparing to be called a Symbol of Excellence, to become and reign in their year of EXCELLENCE ! Being Miss Gay America is more than just a title, it is a job, an inheritance of tradition, a continuation of exceptional legacy that this system is known for and being fulfilled in doing the best job one can do in knowing that they made a positive difference.


Until next time!


 Until next time!

 Larry and Terry





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