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I'd like to start off by saying one thing.  IT'S HOT!!!!  Not that any of you need to be told that, unless you're living in Alaska.  It's July and summer has only officially started, and temperatures are already hitting all time highs across the country.  Here in North Carolina, we've been over the 100 degree mark for the last few days and it's supposed to last for a few more.  You may wonder why I'm ranting about the obvious, but let me just state that drag and heat do not go well together.  I personally vote that drag should be a winter sport only.  LOL.  July is sure to be not only hot in temperatures, but in pageantry as well.  My month is booked solid with preliminaries happening every week.  I am excited about what the month holds and the different states that I will be travelling to.

June actually has been a pretty easy month for me.  Typically it is the month for most gay pride celebrations in different cities and states, so a lot of preliminaries weren't scheduled to interfere with the festivities.  Here in NC, our pride celebration isn't until September, so I have been living vicariously through everyone else who have proudly participated in events across the country.  With the joys of Facebook, I have been able to see pictures from friends in different places, and especially those from our city, regional, and state titleholders.  It makes me feel good to see so many of my sisters and fellow competitors proudly wearing their America prelim crowns and sashes and representing our system so well.  I commend you for displaying your true colors and being who you are and proud of what you do.  Also, hats (or wigs) off to you for braving the heat and daylight while parading around in drag.  LOL.

I only had one preliminary to officiate over in June and that was the Miss Gay Virginia pageant held in Richmond.  Since Richmond is only about 3 hours from me, and I make the trip twice a month normally for my drag brunch bookings, I packed up the car and headed out to the beautiful historic city.  I arrived at the host bar, Nations, and was greeted by Wayne Doggett, the promoter and by the owners of the club.  On hand to help out with registration and to pass along the crown, was the reigning Miss Gay Virginia, Onyx Revlon, who assisted greatly.  Three eager contestants showed up and displayed their best packages and it was a close fight to the end.  Jazmen Diamond walked away with the crown and the title, with Patti Lovelace placing close behind as her as First Alternate.  I am eager to see what both of these gentlemen bring to Columbus in October.  Both are strong competitors with alot of love and passion for the system.  A big thank you to Eric Gabbard, who worked so hard to help out administratively and with tabulating, to make sure the pageant ran smoothly.  Also, a big thanks to the judges panel of Tom, LaCountress, Eric, Zakia, and Alvion for making my job a little easier.

The following weekend I had the pleasure to travel to the beautiful, charming city of Savannah, GA where I was the special guest at Club One.  If you have never been to Savannah, I urge you to visit.  It is a gorgeous little city filled with history and things to do, as well as being home to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  My 4th Alternate, Blair Williams, who is Club One's show director, was gracious enough to set up the booking for me. Even though it was a weekend of "work", it felt more like a vacation.  I have visited Savannah a few times  before, and absolutely have fallen in love with the city, so I was eager to return even though it was my first time performing there.  Blair and the rest of the cast couldn't have made me feel any more welcome or at home.  The antics of the dressing room kept me on my toes, my tongue sharp, and in stitches each night.  To Blair, Layla, Kendall, Tiffany, Jazzmyn, and Lula ... thank you all for being the COLORFUL characters that you are!  I will leave it at that, as they all were on pins and needles wondering what I would have to say about them in my column.  LOL.  I had an amazing time with all of you and can't wait to return!!

It's hard to believe that in just a little over three months, we will be crowning Miss Gay America 2013.  With the down time that I have had in June, I have been busily trying to think of my theme for this year's pageant.  The biggest reoccurring advice that I've been given is to do something where the contestants can have fun and showcase their individuality.  So, with that in mind, I think I've decided on a theme, that is current and a little outside of the box.  For all of you that have qualified and hope to do so, please check out www.missgayamerica.com in the upcoming weeks for info and details about the attire for presentation.  I still have alot of details to work out, so I'll be racking my brain trying to come up with music, costumes, and layout for hopefully what will be an exciting opening production.

It seems that with the last few months of my reign, most of the prelims are scheduled to be back to back.  I am anxious to attend alot of the state preliminaries to see what the contestants bring to the stage.  There are also several regional prelims left for those of you who need to qualify for national pageant.  Make sure to prepare wisely, since time is quickly drawing near.  With only 3 months before Miss Gay America, the package you present at your state or regional pageant, is more than likely, what you'll be taking to Columbus in October.  Good luck to everyone in their preparations.  If you want to run anything by me, or just need an ear to listen, I'm always here for you.

Until next time, try and stay cool.
Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry


The Miss Gay America 2013 pageant

 It is difficult to believe that in just over 90 days we will be crowning Miss Gay America 2013. While there are many preliminaries yet to happen, many are already making plans for the national competition to be held in Columbus, Ohio, October 10th thru 14th.  In the coming week, we plan to announce apparel requirements for the opening number for both the contestants and the former Miss Gay America titleholders. In additional, more information about tickets will be announced in the coming weeks. As Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby can attest, the time has passed much too quickly but this year has been very rewarding for Kirby all the while Kirby has contributed in her own way, to the legacy that so many incredible entertainers has set before her. In spite of this dreadful economy, there are still many who are making plans to attend the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant either as a contestant or as an audience member. As we celebrate the 4th of July and the Independence of this great nation, it is an awesome thing to celebrate our diversity including celebrating the freedom that we all enjoy  to participate in the art form of female impersonation. We look forward to seeing each of you in October and look forward to another incredible week of pageantry. In the meantime, we trust that many celebrated pride and that each of you will have an incredible summer!

 Until next time!

 Larry and Terry





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