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"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives".

 Growing up and being surrounded by sisters who were avid soap opera watchers, I often heard that famous epigraph each afternoon during summer vacation.  However, being a young child, I never really grasped what it meant.  Now that I am much older, and I'm a well into the eighth month of my reign, those words seem to keep ringing in my head.  I have come to accept that we cannot stop the sands of time, and that each day will present itself with new activities and challenges.  It is up to us to face each day, head on and do the best that we can. It seems like just yesterday that I was starting this amazing year as Miss Gay America, but in just a few months, I will be passing along the title to the next worthy individual. 

The month of May proved to be a very busy and memorable one for me.  The first weekend, I packed my bags and headed for Monroe, Louisiana to attend the Miss Gay Southern Elegance pageant which was held May 5th.  This preliminary had not been held for a few years, so it was nice to see it's return to the system. The new promoter, David Green, eager with enthusiasm, picked me up on Friday night, from what I'm certain has to be the smallest airport I have ever been in.  LOL.  On a positive note, however, the airport was brand new and accommodating.  After settling into my beautiful suite at the host hotel, we then headed to a show at The Corner Bar, where the staff and patrons were so welcoming and friendly.  The show featured some amazing local entertainers, but highlighted it's special guest ....Miss Gay America 2005, Raquel Chevallier.  It was good to have a night off from performing, just to show the male persona behind Miss Gay America and to meet some of the locals and socialize with the patrons and the contestants who arrived early for the pageant.  On Saturday afternoon, I arrived at registration to find that seven wonderful contestants had showed up to compete.  From the get go, I knew that I was in store for an incredible night of competition.  After a delicious catered meal, followed by Male Interview,  I prepared and headed over to Club Pink for the pageant.  At the end of the night, Jessica Jade captured the title of Miss Southern Elegance 2012, with Sasha Leigh Chambers as 1rst Alternate.  Sally Sparkles was on hand and looking lovely for her step down from the title that she carried faithfully for several years ... lol,  as well as Maybelline Maskara, Miss Gay Louisiana 2011.  The night was made even more special as I got to spend time with several of my Miss Gay America sisters ... Charity Case 2001, Nicole DuBois 2006, and of course, Raquel, who served as lead judge.

The following week, I boarded a plane and flew to Oklahoma City for the Miss Gay Oklahoma pageant on May 12 and 13.  From the time he met me at baggage claim, promoter Tillie Lane proved to be a delight all weekend.  We settled into the host hotel, the Habana Inn, which is the southwest's largest gay resort and then met with the other promoter, Steven Lofton for dinner.  Later we headed over to Angles, which served as the host club for the review show, featuring Miss Gay Oklahoma 2011 Roxie Hart, who chose to make the evening a benefit for a local gay charity.  Again, seven eager contestants battled it out for the prestigious crown, but Samantha West emerged as the winner, with Jezebell Banks as 1st Alternate.  I look forward to seeing both of these gentlemen at Miss Gay America in October and what they bring to the stage.        After literally an hour of sleep, I was back on an early flight heading home to North Carolina.  Thank you to everyone in Oklahoma who made my first trip there a great one.  I look forward to coming back in the future.

After a few days at home, I headed to Columbus, Ohio.  Aron Aranda picked me up from the airport in style and we got to catch up over dinner before settling into my ultra modern hotel suite.  Later that evening, I was special guest at Union Cafe and Club Axis, where I got to work with local favorites, the infamous West girls, Nina and Virginia, who was celebrating her birthday.  The night proved to be a blast as I got reacquainted with the city that I was crowned in, last October.  A special thanks to Sam Schisler for being such a gracious host at both establishments.  The next day, four determined contestants showed up for the Miss Gay Mid Atlantic pageant.  Each contestant presented their best and shown brightly, but it was Paige Passion who took top honors, followed closely by Deva Station claiming the 1st  Alternate position.  Many thanks to the very qualified judges panel who had a very difficult job in this extremely close pageant.  I always have a great time in the beautiful city of Columbus, and look forward to returning for the Miss Gay Ohio pageant in July, and then again in October for Miss Gay America.

So, with the mention of Miss Gay America 2013 vastly approaching, and the sands of time flowing through the hourglass, I must reiterate some advice to qualified contestants and those hoping to qualify at future preliminaries.  Use your time wisely and effectively to plan your package and carry out tasks and preparations that need to be done.  Do not wait until the last minute or rely on your past experiences to help you get through, because you will find yourself in a predicament.  It is crucial to go in with a well thought out plan and stick to it.  Surround yourself with a group that is united in helping you achieve success, but is also helpful and honest with you about your package.  In closing, those of you who are waiting around and trying to decide on things, I urge you to get busy and get things in gear.  Time is of the essence.

 Until next time,

Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry

                      Doing The Right Thing…

During the last few weeks we have been informed of various issues whereby rules of the Miss Gay America pageant system have not been followed exactly, according to the Promoters Handbook. Regardless of who was at fault for the issues, the fact remains that rules and regulations are in place to keep the system focused on doing whatever it takes to ultimately capture the title of Miss Gay America. The recipe for success in this pageant system is usually clear and the recipe includes following the rules and regulations of this competition. And even when enforcing/correcting the mistakes may not be the most popular thing to do, the very integrity of this pageant system is at stake when mistakes are not corrected and the wrong is not made to be right. Sometimes correcting mistakes involves reversing a coronation ceremony but in the very best interest of this pageant system the mistakes must be corrected. L & T Entertainment prides itself on making every decision to be in the best interest of the Miss Gay America pageant system, even when the remedy to the mistake means “hurting feelings”… There are many,  many promoters, contestants, formers and audience members who are very loyal to this pageant system because of the rules and regulations. There is reward to those who abide by the rules and various levels of penalties to those who do not. Regardless of the various issues of late, we trust that the country knows that the integrity of the Miss Gay America pageant system, as it is known today, is the very reason the legacy remains as strong where we continue to attract the best promoters and contestants from across the country.

In closing, we thank you for your support of this pageant system and L & T Entertainment will continue to do the right thing which is to enforce the clear and present rules of this pageant system. From time to time, there is a gray area that requires a judgment call, and while sometimes the answer to a gray area may not always be clear, if one makes a decision with thought in mind of the best interest of the pageant system, more often than not, the answer will be the right thing to do.

Until next time!

 Larry and Terry





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