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Spring has officially sprung and pageant season is in full gear! This is my favorite time of the year, with everything blooming and growing. It's a time to shake off the sluggishness of winter and be vibrant and active, while enjoying the outdoors. I feel energized with the warmer temperatures and excited about my year and the pageants and experiences that I will encounter.

March was a great month for me as it was the start of the official 2013 pageant season. I have to admit that my anxiety level was at an all time high as I anxiously prepared for the start of my preliminaries. I have a tendency to get into my head too much and over think things. I know that I need to just be comfortable in my abilities and be myself, and just let nature take it's course. Now with two preliminaries under my belt, I am settling into the role of Miss Gay America and the duties at hand. Even though there are still many pageants and unforeseen obstacles to encounter, I am confident that it's going to be an amazing year.

The first preliminary, Miss Gay Mid America Regional was held on March 9 at Crossroads Nightclub in Memphis, TN. I was overwhelmed with pride as six wonderful contestants showed up to compete. And I must say, a competition it was!! I knew immediately at registration that it was going to be a close call as there were four previous top 10'ers, a former state titleholder, and a former regional contestant. Each contestant brought their best and battled to the end, but it was Sally Sparkles who triumphed and took top honors, with Blair Williams securing the 1rst Alternate spot. I look forward to seeing what both these gentlemen bring to the Miss Gay America pageant in October.

My weekend couldn't have been any greater with so many wonderful people there to lend support and encouragement. Larry and Terry put together a well run pageant and assisted me every step of the way. It was joyful being able to watch Symphony Alexander Love pass along the crown and also to work with Tanisha Foxx who graciously helped emcee. Also having several preliminary promoters in attendance was quite a treat ... Howard and Don, promoters for Tennessee; David Green, the new promoter for Miss Louisiana and Miss Southern Elegance; and Reba Lamke Knabe of Miss Tri States. Also a big thank you to my MGA sisters, MGA 1996-Kerri Nichols and MGA2004-Rachael Erikks for being there and for their support, help, and advice.

Two weeks later, I found myself in the car with MGA 2011 Coti Collins heading to our Nation's Capital for the Miss Gay DC Regional Pageant. It was held on March 24 at Town Danceboutique in Washington. This prelim proved to be an emotional one for me, as I would be relinquishing the title that propelled me to capture the crown of Miss Gay America. Promoters, Robert York and Brian Alexander, met me with open arms at registration and put on a great pageant. Four well prepared contestants came with a hunger and a determination to win. Chantel Reshae emerged as the new Miss Gay DC, with Roxy Brooks as 1st Alternate. Best of luck to these gentlemen as they prepare for October.

I must say the highlight of the pageant was having FIVE Miss Gay Americas in attendance. I was joined by my sisters, MGA 2011-Coti Collins, MGA 2000-Catia Lee Love, MGA 1996-Kerri Nichols, and MGA 1999- Linda Carrero for an amazing night. It was truly and honor to be standing amongst them.

So with two preliminaries out of the way, I urge all of you potential contestants to make preparations on your packages and carefully choose what future prelim will be best for you. With that being said, I want to give a piece of advice to those of you who have competed in the system before. Don't rely on your success from previous years to help secure your spot to the national competition. There is a whole wave of new blood that is hungry to get their tickets to Miss Gay America. Sometimes we can become overly confident in what may have had success in the past. As with all the pageants, there can only be one winner and one 1st Alternate position. If you are not lucky enough to secure one of those, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!!! If it is your dream to be Miss Gay America, let nothing stop you!! Take time to listen to the critiques and advice from the judges and take a strong hard look at the package you presented. Most often our friends and supporters are not the best group to get an opinion from on what we present. Seek advice from others outside of your group and from entertainers who have achieved success. The words of wisdom they choose to give you will reward you far greater than  those from your best friends.

Until next time, keep striving to be the best! I know I will be.

Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry

With each and every year that passes, we are always impressed with the administrative duties of each Miss Gay America. We are most always nervous about the first preliminary in that we want it to be a good experience for the reigning Miss Gay America but we also want the pageant to flow smoothly. So as much as we try to be sure that the reigning Miss Gay America is prepared to serve as the “Lead Administrator” of each preliminary, there are always things that one cannot prepare for but rather, the practical experience will serve as the best instructor. Thus the reason why we make every effort to hold Miss Mid America as the first preliminary of the pageant season. We congratulate Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby on a job well done at the Miss Mid America pageant. Kirby was spot on, all day and eager to face the challenges as they occur. The pageant flowed well and there was not greater than normal stress, which is our primary goal. While we realize that there will be issues that arise that will present challenges for Kirby, during the pageant season, we too realize that the foundation that Kirby possesses combined with her willingness to do a good job is a great combination for yet another successful year in the Miss Gay America pageant system. Kirby exemplifies what we think a Miss Gay America titleholder should be thus before our very eyes, she is demonstrating that the Judges made good decision when they chose to crown her as Miss Gay America 2012.

We challenge each Miss Gay America hopeful to watch the reigning Miss Gay America at work. Granted, the talent, beauty and other qualities that a Miss Gay America should possess will be obvious, however being a good administrator is very important. A judge who is working with the best interest of the Miss Gay America pageant system in mind will certainly look for administrative qualities that will be evident in every phase of competition, primarily by the contestant being prepared and “well put together”. So to each contestant, we strongly encourage you to take time to know the administrative responsibilities and be able to intelligently discuss them at Male Interview. Again, being Miss Gay America is much more than a look, its an action… and the more prepared before the reign, the better the reign will be.


Until next time…
Larry and Terry



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