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March is here, and you know what that means!!  It's the start of the pageant season and prelims will be underway!

I have been anxiously waiting for everything to begin and now it's officially here.  I will be administrating my first official preliminary, Miss Gay Mid America on Friday, March 9 in Memphis.  This is a standard regional preliminary, so I urge all you potential contestants who want to secure an early spot, to come and compete.  Also, on March 24, I will be relinquishing my title as Miss Gay DC America in our nation's capital.  This is also a great prelim to enter, having produced 3 of the last 4 Miss Gay Americas.  I'm sure the evening will prove to be a very emotional one for me.  I would love to see you there, if you can make it.  Please check out for more information on these and more upcoming preliminaries.

I have been busy talking with several promoters getting preliminaries scheduled and dates set.  I must say it's great to hear the enthusiasm in each  promoter's voice as they talk about the plans for their pageant. I look forward to attending each one around the country and getting to know everyone better, while performing my duties as Miss Gay America 2012. To all you promoters who I have yet to speak with, I am eager to talk with each of you and get plans in order.  It proves to be an exciting year ahead, and I anxiously embrace it as my time to reign.

Many contestants have already contacted me and asked for my opinion on what prelim would be best for them.  While I will try to be as encouraging and helpful as I can, the decision is ultimately up to the individual.   All of our prelims are amazing, special, and unique in many ways, so there is no way possible that I could say that one is more appropriate or suitable than another.  I suggest to all of you looking for a prelim, to do your research.  It's always wise to ask past titleholders about their experiences, find out about dates and prize packages, and even take a moment to contact the promoters and introduce yourself, so that you can get a personal feel for what might be best for you.

I know that many of you read my column to keep up with the going's on of Miss Gay America and to find out where I've travelled to and hear about my excursions and adventures.  Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to report on this month. Sometimes in our lives, we need to take a moment to just breathe, so as to relax ourselves from the stress and hectic activities of our day to day routines.  The month of February was that time for me.  When planning my calendar a couple of months back, I decided that I would keep my travels to a minimum and just focus on myself and the things around me, before my year as Miss Gay America kicked into full swing with preliminaries and various duties.  Of course I worked every weekend at my home club of Legends, and did my twice a month booking at the famous brunch in Richmond, plus served as head judge and entertainer for the Miss Don't H8 pageant. So don't think that I was on vacation somewhere, sipping a cocktail.  LOL.  

With that being said, take time to appreciate the things around you and the people in your lives.  Many thanks to all of you for sharing this journey with me.

Much love to you all,
Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry

            Spring Is In the Air… (and so are pageants…)

March is here and with the promise of a beautiful spring, we have promise of yet another exciting pageant season. Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby is busily preparing for her first preliminary, while contestants, promoters and audience members are gearing up for their involvement in the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant season. With March having two direct regional pageants, Miss Mid America and Miss Gay D.C. America, the kick-off of the pageant season should be incredible. As usual, we are getting several calls about who is entering, who is not entering and everything else in between… and our response is the usual, and that is, that from a contestant’s perspective, each and every competition should be treated as if it were the “Miss Gay America competition package”.. that is putting your BEST effort forward each time… hopefully it will score well and the placement will be acceptable, and if not, at least the contestant will know that they gave it their best effort and they can be proud of their “showing”…  no matter the competition, most every competitor has lost a contest, at one point or another. But again, one should not focus on the competitors or the judges, but rather on making a competition package that is attractive to the judges, so as to leave in victory…

We are looking forward to this coming pageant season . there is much hype in the air and finally, we can say that the focus is off of L & T Entertainment and on where it should be and that is on Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby and the amazing competitors that has promise to make this years pageants season better than ever.

We trust that each of you will have an incredible spring season and that you will take time to stop and enjoy the beauty of the spring…

Until next time…
Larry and Terry



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