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"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

I start this edition of my column with a profound quote by the French novelist George Sand. The month of love is upon us and it's time to show that special someone just how much he or she means to you. Even though, I personally think that you should do that every day of the year, sometimes we need a little reminder of just how important someone is to us.

It's hard to believe that February is already here and I'm well into the fourth month of my reign as Miss Gay America. I was told that no matter how much you prepare yourself for the title or how much you imagine what your year will be like, you will never fully grasp and understand the enormity of being Miss Gay America, until you actually are experiencing it first hand. I must say that even though I have been involved in the art-form of female impersonation for well over twenty years, and I've travelled to and performed in many cities, the reception that I have received thus far still overwhelms me at times. Being a small town country boy from the sticks of North Carolina, I never imagined in all my life that I would be showered with so much love and kindness and to be held in such high regards. It's quite a humbling feeling and I am truly thankful.

I feel like January was almost a blur. It came and went so quickly, that I'm not sure I had time to catch my breath. The first of month of 2012 proved to be a busy and exciting one for me. I was lucky to ring in the new year at my home bar of Legends in Raleigh, NC with my showcast sisters and got to perform Mariah Carey's version of "Auld Lang Syne" as I was announced Miss Gay America 2012. It was truly a wonderful and invigorating way to start what is sure to be the busiest and most rewarding year of my life.

The second week of January, I packed my suitcases full as I was off to a week long trip to Arizona. My longtime friend Barbra Seville arranged the trip for me and got me booked at some wonderful Phoenix clubs such as Karamba, Friends, The Rock, and Cruisin 7th. I have to admit that I was excited yet quite nervous as this was my first time to Arizona. All my anxiety was put to rest as each club welcomed me with open arms and the crowds were warm and receptive. I even had a red carpet rolled out for me as "There She Is, Miss America" was played at my first performance. An added bonus of the trip was getting to spend some time with the current Miss Gay AZ Celia Putty. Richie, his partner Bill, and their hound dog Millie Mae graciously opened their home and their hearts to me for the duration of my stay. I also got to spend some time with the promoters for Miss Gay AZ, Daniel Eckstrom and Lee Revelle. I even had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Desert Botanical Gardens where I got to experience some of the plants and foliage that make the wonderful state of Arizona so unique.  On my last night in Phoenix, I was invited to be the special guest at the Miss Gay Copper City pageant, which is a city preliminary to Miss Gay AZ. A big thanks goes out to the promoter, Joe Saputo for being so gracious to me. It was a joy to watch Celia administrate over his first city prelim. I congratulate him on a job well done. At the end of the night, Nevaeh McKenzie walked away with the crown, with Masquerade as 1st Alternate. I look forward to seeing both of these gentlemen again as they compete at the state pageant in August. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had a great time, and I definitely fell in love with Arizona!! I cannot wait to go back!! Which reminds me, can someone find me a portable air conditioner to take with me to Arizona in August?!?!?

After jet setting back home for a week which included bookings around the state of NC and in Richmond, Va at the clubs of Morgan's, Legends, and Godfrey's, I had just enough time to repack and head to Tennessee for the annual Mystic Krewe of Pegasus Memphis Mardi Gras Ball where I was asked to perform and emcee. The event was larger than life with the elaborate table decorations and amazing costumes on display. It was nice to spend time with Larry, Terry, Mike Divoky, and Pat McCooter. I also got to see Miss Gay Arkansas, Zia D'Yor and former Top Ten finalist Sasha Leigh Chambers. Of course a trip to Memphis wound not be complete without a feast of some sort. The weekend was capped off with a visit to the "Paula Deen Buffet" at Harrah's Casino right before I was taken to the airport. I swear I am going to be 300lbs by the time of my give up!

In closing, I hope that all of you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!! If you're fortunate to have someone special in your life, make sure that you take the time to let them just how much they mean to you. For those of you, like myself, who are living the single life, I propose that we just boycott the month all together! LOL. Seriously though, just look within your heart and find a way to love yourself even more.

Much love,
Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby



From the desk of Larry & Terry

                        Let The Season Begin…

And just as we suspected, the nation awoke shortly after the ringing in of the new year. January has proven to be quite the busy month with promoters scheduling their pageant dates, new potential promoters contacting L & T Entertainment for information relative to a new preliminary, contestants narrowing the possibilities of which preliminary they want to enter, contestants asking for critique as to what they need to do to win the title of Miss Gay America, the audience deciding which preliminaries they plan to travel to and then, the continuation of the schooling of Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby, so as to ensure that she is ready for the challenge to be Miss Gay America, once the pageant season is in full swing, beginning on March 09, 2012.  We are excited to see that the momentum of the Miss Gay America pageant season is just as strong as ever. This gives us a decent indication that the numbers, when compared to prior year, will be consistent. We have seen the final night video of the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant, and the pride we have, just to be able to continue such a great tradition, is enormous. There were so many contestants worthy of being called into the Top 10. Those who were actually called as a Top 10 finalist did an incredible job and should be very proud too. Contestants are already preparing for the national competition which will be in Columbus, Ohio, October 10-14, 2012.

On a side note, it was a pleasure to see Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby, as she entertained the audience at the 2012 Mystic Krewe Pegasus of Memphis Mardi Gras Ball last weekend. She looked incredible and her emcee abilities were impeccable. She validated why the judges selected her to be called a “Symbol of Excellence”… and with her very witty, but dry sense of humor, sharing a dressing room with Kirby was a pleasure. It is always fun to see the personalities of each Miss Gay America. Each are different but the one characteristic that they all have is that they shine brightly and carry themselves in an indescribable way that only one who personally witnesses a Miss Gay America in crown, can understand. 

We look forward to the kickoff of another incredible pageant season and thank the masses for their continue support of the Miss Gay America pageant system. Without this incredible support system, this pageant system could not continue and we so very much appreciate the continued success of this legacy we call, “The Miss Gay America Pageant”

Until next time…
Larry and Terry



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