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The Kronicles of Kirby


"Ladies and gentlemen, rise to your feet and greet your new Miss Gay America ... Kirby Kolby."

 It seems like I had waited a lifetime to hear those words, and at times I doubted if I ever would.  Yet on October 16, 2011, those words rang through The Riffe Center in Columbus , Ohio and will forever be echoed in my ears, as I was named the 40th anniversary Miss Gay America.  At that moment, my life was to change forever.  No longer was I to be known simply as Kirby Kolby.  I will now be known as Kirby Kolby, Miss Gay America 2012.  Having the title bestowed upon me, is not only an honor and a privilege, but a humbling experience in my career as a female impersonator.

Let me be the first to say that my journey to the crown has not been an easy one.  I competed five times from 1995 - 2000 with moderate success, always making the Top 10, and or placing in the Top 5.   Even though many think I left the system, I must correct them and say that is not the case.  Even though I was not competing, I still held The Miss Gay America system in the highest regards, as it was something that was very dear to me.  I contributed as a judge, a dresser, a mentor, and an advisor to many contestants who competed in city, state, regional, and the national pageants.  After 11 long years, I returned to the Miss Gay America stage for a sixth time, as a different person in hopes of capturing my most sought after dream. 

"Different how?", you may ask.  Well, as I told the judges in my interview, I lost a part of myself during those 11 years.  I found myself going thru life and performing with no real motivation, drive, or purpose.  Something was missing and I didn't really feel like I was a part of anything.  So I did a lot of soul searching and asked myself what I really wanted, and the answer was to be Miss Gay America.  Not only for myself, but for the system as a whole ...the owners, the formers, the promoters, the contestants who hope to one day wear the crown, and the fans who support the system. 

So, this year I wear the coveted crown of Miss Gay America for all of us.  I represent everyone who has invested time, money, sweat, and tears into the betterment of the system.  I hope to inspire and encourage individuals during my travels, to not only believe in themselves, but to be a part of, and believe in, something bigger and greater in this life.  I realize that we are in this journey together, and I hope that we can lean on and trust in each other throughout this year.

On that note, I must thank the many people who stood by me and helped me during my years of competition.  Not only to the wonderful group who assisted me this year, but to everyone who has been a part of the Kolby Krew, even in years gone by.  I could not have achieved this on my own, and I am forever grateful to you all for believing in me and being a part of my life.  Each of you helps my crown to shine a little brighter.

In closing, I would like to leave you all with a quote from one of my favorite songs.  "A fool will lose tomorrow, reaching back for yesterday." 

With that being said, I ask that you all join with me and not dwell on the past, but to move forward and look to the positive.  Hand in hand, we can continue the great and prestigious legacy of the Miss Gay America system, as the most renowned competition for female impersonators.

From My Heart!
Kirby Kolby
Miss Gay America 2012


                My Life On The "E" List

As I return home from an amazing week in Columbus , I would like to reflect the past year and how it has affected my life. I could never ave imagined that my life would be changed in such a fashion.  During my travels, I have had the joy of experiencing so many new adventures. I have seen so many new faces and definitions of the word excellence. It truly inspired me to excel in my craft and to be PROUD about what Miss Gay America stands for.   I have so much respect for the promoters of the pageant. They are our foundation. I want to thank each one of you for making my year so successful. Your efforts were truly noticed in your contest, contestants and your love for the system. For this I am forever grateful. Thank you!!!

My most memorable part of the year would be the relationships I developed with the contestants. As I listen to your passionate stories, felt your pain and celebrated your victories, I truly cared. I am deeply honored and privileged  to be your Miss Gay America. Over the course of the year, I've seen you grow and develop into amazing entertainers. You should be very proud of yourself. During Miss Gay America week, everyone was on their game and it was one of the best competitions in my history of pageantry. Each has inspired me more than you will ever know. Thank you for making my year so complete. I am still here for anyone that needs an ear or to vent too. I truly love each of you.

To all the Miss Gay America's, I am humbled to stand beside you. All my life I have been looking for something in red.... so glad I finally made it. One of the biggest moments of my year is when I was in Little Rock and Norman announced me to the stage. I was trembling, and so proud at the same time. From Norman to Coco ...thank you for accepting me for myself. So happy to be a part of the 40 definitions of Excellence.  It has been my lifetime goal.

A very special good luck to my co-worker, friend and sister Kirby Kolby, Miss Gay America 2012. May you find happiness in wearing the crown. Everyone in North Carolina always knew… now it’s time to share you with the world. I know this will change your life. I have no doubt you will make history. Shine your light.

  Last but certainly not least I would like to thank Larry and Terry. You prove it every day in your passion for the art. I will forever be indebted to you. May you both find happiness and never lose sight on what is important...changing people’s lives....  I love you both...

Love and Respect,
Coti Collins
Miss Gay America 2011

From the desk of Larry & Terry


What An Amazing Week!

Wow… for as much time and energy that we inserted into the production of the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant, it is hard to believe that the pageant arrived and then ended so quickly. As anyone vaguely familiar with production can attest, countless hours go into a successful event and what a successful event it was. All of the contestants were incredible and the audience was certainly entertained. Granted there were ups and downs and hurdles to tackle during the week, but all things considered the week was a very smooth week. In fact, in our 7 years of production, the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant was by far, the smoothest… it seemed to take much more effort than in prior years to get things started as there were many off stage issues for which to contend, but according to most, this was the best year of pageantry for any national competition. The Top 10 was incredible. Our heartbreaking moment was to see a few not make the Top 10… as we all tend to do, many emotions accompany support of contestants, and when individuals do not score as well as they hope, we are disappointed as well. We congratulate Miss Gay America 2011 Coti Collins on an incredible week. Her relinquishment of the title was as classy and glamorous as her reign and it was great to see her have such an amazing week.  Coti has had an incredible reign and was a prime example of “being it before you become it”… as we always say, you must exemplify THE qualities and characteristics,  long before you become it.  Then, when you compete, you are not attempting to be something you are not. And, when you embrace the values of the Miss Gay America pageant system, you will have a much easier week of competition. We are very anxious to continue the schooling process for Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby. As can clearly be seen, Kirby possesses many of the qualities that each of us think that a Miss Gay America should have therefore, the foundation is already strong and this year has the ingredients of being yet another exceptional year. Each Miss Gay America is unique, but one thing they have in common is that each of them have had the same opportunity to continue and to enhance the legacy that is before them. Some who were crowned Miss Gay America did not make the most of their year, while others excelled during their reign and were placed into that group of being “one of the very best”.  But one thing for certain was that all had the same opportunity to have an incredible year. We make every effort to provide the reigning Miss Gay America with all of the tools needed to have a great year…but we can only do so much… the rest is up to them. We are excited to watch Miss  Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby have nothing short of an amazing year and we look forward to the education process. Now is a yet another humbling part, which is to observe the formers, as they embrace and aide in the schooling of their new sister, as they (the formers) want to preserve their legacy just as much as we do.

There were so many people who helped make the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant such a success. Below is just a few who made the year so amazing. If we have omitted someone, please forgive us in our recognition as it was not intentional.

·        To Miss Gay America 2011 Coti Collins- thank you for an amazing year. You made our difficult year a much easier one and we so much appreciate you.

·        To Aron Harvey a/k/a as Miss Gay America 2000 Catia Lee Love, your direction of the pageant is second to none and we thank you for your dedication to this pageant system

·        To Lezli Droke and Renee Oliver- your willingness to aid on the admission desk is exceptional and we so enjoy the relationship we have with you. Thank you for wanting to be part of the Miss G ay America pageant system.

·        To Scott Peters a/k/a as Miss Gay America 2005 Raquel Chevallier- you were amazing to work with and we thank you for your efforts to be nothing short of an incredible Pageant Administrator. Thank you for a job well done.

·        To Bruce Lamensdorf-thank you for your offsite update to the web site during the Miss Gay America pageant system

·        To Reba Lamkey Knabe and Chris Wilderman-thank you for your assistance with advance ticket sales

·        Joe Bradley-for the timing of preliminary night gown, Solo Talent and Talent set-up

·        Miss Gay America 2006 Nicole DuBois-for the collection of the music during preliminary competition

·        To the former Miss Gay America’s in attendance-for an incredible Revue Show (Jennifer Foxx, Vicki Vincent, Tiffany Bonet’, Kerri Nichols, Catia Lee Love, Charity Case, Sabrina White, Dominique Sanchez, Raquel Chevallier, Nicole DuBois, Luscious, Victoria DePaula, Coco Montrese and Coti Collins… what an amazing show!

·        Robert York, Ryan Henry, Christopher Blair-for your monitoring of the Male Interview competition

·        Robert York for your sponsorship of the sash, crown box and mini-scepter

·        To the many sponsors of the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant, as noted on the Miss Gay  America home page

·        Chris Wilderman for your willingness to help in any capacity

·        The incredible judges panel  (you were among the best panel we have worked with)

·        The Sheraton Hotel staff… you were amazing to work with

·        The staff of the Riffe Center

·        The promoters who were there to take care of their girls during the pageant

·        Sam Schisler-for your willingness to do whatever necessary to see this year’s pageant as such a huge success

·        Union Café’ for the VERY generous gift cards

·        Club Axis for your sponsorship of the Revue Show

·        My Bling Diva-for the very generous gift certificates

·        Lucinda Holliday for your continued support and jewelry collection

·        Las Vegas Costume Supply for your amazing sponsorship and support

·        BRAVO Organization for your assistance in any way needed

·        Believe Entertainment staff for the help in any place we needed

·      Aron Aranda and the Ohio Krewe for your continued and amazing support for this event to be better than before

·        Brian Menegy-what can we say, just you being there made us feel better, then for your to work your magic backstage, made for an amazingly smooth contest. We appreciate you but Catia appreciates you even more

·        Miss Gay Texas America 2010 Gizelle Bevon Ashton  for your assistance with stage set up and timing of the critique session  

·        Ben Menges a/k/a Truly Fabu for providing a copy of the many photographs of the week's competition.

As once can see, there are many who have assisted us in making this pageant, such a success and clearly, we could not produce such a pageant, by ourselves. Again, if we overlooked anyone, please know that it was not intentional.

And if you think the Miss Gay America 2012 pageant was great, just wait until you see what the Miss Gay America 2013 pageant season has in store. We are busily preparing Kirby Kolby to be everything and more that you expect. We will soon have promotional photographs available and anxiously await the photo shoot.  Granted, the work is just beginning but the expectations remain high and the rewards can be plentiful, if the heart, mind and soul is in the right place.

Until next time, please take time to embrace the blessing and enjoy the holiday season.

Until next time!
Larry and Terry


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