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How times flies when your living your dream…!!! It seems like yesterday, Miss Gay America 2010 CoCo Montrese put the crown on my head. I have had an amazing year. It has been so rewarding to travel throughout the country representing you as your Miss Gay America. So many memories that will follow me for the rest of my life…

 My month started out in Texas...Gizelle Bevon Ashton was the perfect host along with Sally Sparkles to produce an incredible pageant. At this event 5 MGA's attended. I was humbled to be among such talents...Jenna Skyy took the title with Vega Marie St. John as his 1st runner up.  On a side note...I love Texas ...Gizelle, Sally, Charity, Catia, Den and J.D…,Thank you for a great time.

After the Pageant I was rushed to the airport where I was flown to Memphis, privately on a chartered jet to Memphis. Wow! its great to be a Miss Gay America.  Next, I was on to the Miss Gay  Tennessee  America pageant where Bill Zachary had everything in order and the pageant was such a success. After being 1st runner up several times, Pat McCooter took top honors and Fannie Mae Charles was his 1st alternate. All the contestants impressed me and I wish I could invite everyone to the big dance. Thank you Mike and Rodney for such a great time also. Now, their dog wasn't so happy I was there...Just sayin...

Miss Louisiana was such a big blessing. John, Brad and Paul were the perfect hosts. I so enjoyed the camaraderie of each of the contestants. I love seeing each contestant help each other. At the end of the week, Maybelline MasKara won the pageant and Athena Campbell was his first alternate. I must say something more about this pageant. As I stated many times this year, that talent has no color or age. It warmed my heart to see Maybelline achieve his dream. He never let his age interfere with his dream. Athena will be the youngest contestant and he was one of the most focused individuals I have ever met. Thank you Louisiana for such a blessed weekend. I can’t wait to return.... Bammm

Finally the last prelim is here.. Miss Southeast America… Mike Rhinehart was its host. He is such a great promoter and loves the Miss Gay America system and proves it everyday. My Miss NC sister Emory Starr won his spot and Diamond Hunter was his 1st runner up. What a great night to top off a great year.

I want to take this time to thank each and every one for such an amazing year for me. Each preliminary pageant brought new friendships, laughter and heartache… every emotion was there. Seeing someone’s life change is one of the most rewarding experiences. I only hope I have touched your life like you have touched mine. Being Miss Gay America was my lifetime goal. My only wish is that the next one crowned will love and enjoy his time as much as I enjoyed mine.

Stephanie Lane and Dominique Delorean will also represent Miss Heartland America at nationals....Both are friends of mine and such big talents. I am so happy for everyone this year.

-Dreams do come true with hard work and determination
-Airports and security are a way of life to a Miss Gay America
-Each crowning breaks my heart…
-Max will be happy for me to stay home
-I would not want to be a judge this year
-Looking forward to doing duets with all the Miss Gay             America’s
-I enjoyed interviewing the Miss Gay America’s this year
-Jennifer Foxx still inspires me
-Ceasar will bite…


 In closing , I want to wish each promoter and every contestant a safe journey to Ohio . Best of luck to every contestant. May your dreams come true like you mine has....

Love and Respect,
Coti Collins
Miss Gay America 2011

From the desk of Larry & Terry


Who Is Ready To Be The Next Miss Gay America?

To the contestants who think that you are ready to be the next Miss Gay America, you may wish to rethink that answer. If one looks back on the reign of Miss Gay America 2011 Coti Collins, one can certainly say that all things considered, the reign was a very smooth one. Granted there were challenges but seemingly Coti Collins had an extraordinary reign as Miss Gay America 2011 and enjoyed every minute of it… We can remember, almost as if it were yesterday, that Coti called us just over a week into her reign and said that she had always imagined what being Miss Gay America would feel like and what reigning as Miss Gay America would be like, but then, when the crown was placed on her head, she was simply not ready for all of the attention given to and the responsibility expected of Miss Gay America. Coti has expressed time and time again that being Miss Gay America is certainly much different than the perception of being Miss Gay America. When the crown is placed on your head, it is instant stardom. You become the instant expert in competition as you just captured the title of the nation’s most prestigious pageant in female impersonation. You become a counselor, a cheerleader, a mentor, a teacher, a student, a leader, a role model and an administrator to something that is much larger than yourself. If you expect to win Miss Gay America and think that the year will be all about you, you are in for a rude awakening. In fact, it is just the opposite. Winning Miss Gay America is quite an accomplishment but once you win, your focus shifts from trying to win, into reigning as a winner and having a winning reign. Your focus shifts to the promoters who most often insert their last monies to make the contest successful and also to the contestants who would give most anything to become Miss Gay America.  Then, you focus on attempting to carry-on, not take away from, the legacy that so many others have worked tirelessly to preserve and continue. This pageant system is far greater than any of us. The power of capturing the title is unimaginable until you actually hear your name called as the new Miss Gay America.  And when you hear your name called as Miss Gay America and after you get over the shock, the next day will arrive, you will have your first “fathers- daughter” meeting with L & T and then the next 364 days will pass by much too quickly. It is all so important to know the job for which you volunteer. Learn the job responsibilities and learn the Promoters Handbook so that your reign can be as smooth as that of Coti Collins. Clearly, Coti was ready for the job…in fact she was prepared to be Miss Gay America and already acted as if she were Miss Gay America before she was ever crowned, then when the crowning moment happened, she did not have nearly as much “to-do’s”  because she was already prepared to be Miss Gay America and had a plan of how to be a successful Miss Gay America. As we have said time and time again, being Miss Gay America is not an easy job. We want the newly crowned Miss Gay America to enjoy their reign for it could be an incredible year… and yes, just to the contrary, if one is not prepared before they become Miss Gay America, they could spend a few months getting ready when they could have been enjoying the reign to the fullest. Being Miss Gay America is being talented, travel-ready, compassionate, caring, beautiful, glamorous, responsible, creative, organized, grateful, humble, sincere, inspiring, respectable and dedicated to an organization that has a tremendous legacy. The Miss Gay America team needs a Miss Gay America that is focused on the Miss Gay America pageant system, rather than being focused on themselves. There is no “I” in team and if the new Miss Gay America is ready to be Miss Gay America, the year will be nothing short of incredible… and if they are not, then it may be more of a challenge than anticipated. Rest assured that we will do all we can to school you into being all that you need to be, in order to have an incredible year, but we can only school so much, and then the rest is up to you… So to the Miss Gay America 2012 Contestants, we ask you… “Are You Ready”? 

Until next time!
Larry and Terry


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