Miss Gay Great Lakes America
(a standard regional pageant)

Date: September 20-21, 2013
September 19, 2013 (kickoff party to showcase the Contestants)ontestants)
Promoters: The StarGazer Group (Nick Easton and Jozef Spiegel)
Promoter Phone: 734.355.3984 or 412.973.6833
Promoter Email: MissGayGreatLakesAmerica@gmail.com or JozefZebediah@gmail.com
Promoter Web site: facebook-Miss Gay Great Lakes America  or Missgaygreatlakesamerica.com
Location: The Cavern Club Event and Entertainment Complex 
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Location Phone: 734.913.8890
Location Website:


Host Hotel:

Ann Arbor Regent Hotel & Suites

2455 Carpenter Road

Ann Arbor, MI  48108





Use Code StarGazer for $94 per night room charge. 
Entry Fee: $150.00
Registration Deadline: As soon as possible but not later than the time of contestant registration.
Prize Package:

WINNER receives more than $6,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

-$2,000.00 Cash:  $1,000 Crowning, $500 MGA 2014, $500 MGGLA 2014
-Entry Fee to MGA pageant
-Hotel at the MGA pageant in St. Louis
-MGGLA Official Crown
-MGGLA Official Sash
-MGGLA Official Pin
-Designer Gown
-Designer Wig
-Promotional Photo Shoot
-Jewelry Set
-5 Booking Fees
-Luggage Set
-Ad in the MGA 2014 program
-Coronation Bouquet

FIRST ALTERNATE receives more than $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

-$1,000 Cash:  $500 at MGGLA 2013; $500 MGA 2014
-Entry Fee to MGA pageant
-Hotel at the MGA pageant in St. Louis
-Designer Gown
-Designer Wig
-Promotional Photo Shoot
-Ad in the MGA 2014 program
-4 Booking Fees
-Pageant Bouquet

-$500.00 Cash
-Pageant Bouquet

-$300.00 Cash
-Pageant Bouquet

-$200.00 Cash
-Pageant Bouquet

-$1000.00 Cash
-Pageant Bouquet


Pageant Theme:

The theme of the official Miss Gay Great Lakes America 2013 pageant will be “Chapel of Love:  Girl Groove Style!”  Contestants in this inaugural pageant should wear a tea dress appropriate for an afternoon wedding.  By definition, a tea dress tends to fall below the knee but above the ankle. 


The dress itself should be in the hue of a jewel tone – amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, garnet and citrine.  With a fitted bodice and a flared, even voluminous, skirt, the aim is to convey late 1950s elegance.  Hats, gloves and jewelry may be used as accessories.


On the website – MissGayGreatLakesAmerica.com – are examples of tea dresses designed for an elegant late day wedding.


Also look for information regarding the Contestant Parade on Thursday, September 19, 2013!

Opening Number:

The Opening Number on Saturday is a medley of girl group songs.  Contestants will be introduced during the song entitled:  Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups.

Categories: Male Interview, Evening Gown, Solo Talent, Talent, On Stage Interview
Stage Dimensions:

The stage dimensions are not uniform.  There are two levels to the stage, one step apart.  The width ranges from 13’ to 22’ while the depth ranges from 12’ to 19’.

Pageant Schedule: to be announced



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